10 Terrific Things to Do in Charlotte

Charlotte is considered one of the twenty-fifth most significant cities in the U.S. It’s also the largest city in North California. This city is also recognised as the Queen City since its foundation. Charlotte is the home to nearly 800,000 people and is a significant developed place. Due to its vast and diverse population, Charlotte has so much to offer.


Thus, Charlotte will never bore you, and it has a wide range of activities for all ages. Also, if you plan to fly to Charlotte with a specially-abled person, choose Spirit Airlines for its excellent assistance facility. Here, we will discuss on How do I Request Special Assistance on Spirit Airlines?


What are 10 Terrific Things to Do in Charlotte?

Know about 10 terrific things to do in Charlotte here in this section.


1. Try Fun Activities at White-water Center

  • Here, you will find more than 30 different water and land activities.
  • This place spans over 1,300 acres and is almost 15 miles west of Uptown Charlotte.
  • It is known as the world’s largest artificial river.
  • You can find various activities here, such as paddle boarding, kayaking, river rafting, and more.


2. Visit the Graham Library

  • This library is located within less than 10 miles of the southwest Uptown.
  • You find more than 4000 book collections here, and it’s said to be Graham’s personal book collection.
  • It’s a must-see place in Graham as it includes many memorable highlights.


3. Explore the Discovery Place Science

  • It is Charlotte’s Science Museum, which has many things to be discovered.
  • It is a great place to spend your day with family and kids.
  • You can even conduct science experiments in this place.


4. Go to the NASCAR Hall of Fame

  • If you are a car lover, visit this place in Charlotte.
  • This place is spread over 150,000 sq. feet and offers fantastic things.
  • It exhibits 278-seat theaters, racing simulators, and more.
  • Here, you can see how the NASCAR team preps before the race day.
  • Also, visitors can get more intimate sights of the NASCAR team activities and cars.


5. Stroll through the Freedom Park

  • The Freedom Park is located away from the Uptown’s hustle and bustle.
  • The park is between Charlotte’s significant spots, the Myers Prak and Dilworth.
  • Visitors can enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the park with their family.
  • Here, visitors can also try out various activities such as biking, picnicking, playing baseball or tennis


6. Explore the Mint Museum Uptown

  • Here, visitors will find various collections of American and European art pieces.
  • It is considered the second Mint Museum in the United States.
  • The first one is Mint Museum Randolph, which is the original museum branch of the U.S.

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7. Visit the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

  • Daniel J. Stowe is a former textile executive who owns the 380-acre property with lakefronts, woodlands, and parks.
  • The garden is over 30 acres and displays beautiful walking paths, fountains, tropical plants, a children’s playground, and more.
  • The past visitors undoubtedly loved this destination and gave several positive reviews.


8. Shop from the Market at 7th Street

  • If you want a place to shop some local stuff in Charlotte, go to the 7th Street market.
  • This place is also recommended for lunch and dinner.
  • Here, you will get many local restaurants and cafes where you can binge on some local flavors.


9. Go to Lake Norman

  • It’s a human-made lake created in 1963 over 34 miles with 520 miles from the shorelines.
  • This place is considered best for family trips and especially day trips.
  • You can plan a visit during the weekends to this lake


10. Enjoy at Carowinds

  • Carowinds is considered one of the favorite amusement parks of North California.
  • You can try some fun rides at the Carowinds amusement park
  • You can ride a roller coaster and try out the Giga coaster here.


How do I Request Special Assistance on Spirit Airlines?

  • Guests or passengers can request Special Assistance on Spirit Airlines for many circumstances.
  • To ask for the Special Assistance, you need to reserve the necessary service before the flight departure.
  • To secure the service, you can call 877-728-3555.
  • You can also book the service by texting on the given number.
  • For more information on the Special Assistance service, visit the Spirit Airlines official websites.


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