5 handy tips on how to travel safely with sex toys | Honeycombers – The Honeycombers

5 handy tips on how to travel safely with sex toys | Honeycombers – The Honeycombers

5 Handy Tips on How To Travel Safely with Sex Toys | Honeycombers – The Honeycombers

Travelling with sex toys can be both exciting and worrying – and for those who want to stay safe, it pays to know a few basic guidelines for staying discreet and safe. Here are five handy tips on how to travel safely with sex toys:

1. Pack smartly and discreetly

When packing, make sure to keep your sex toys wrapped up in material that is thick enough to protect them from being broken. Use something like a waterproof plastic bag, or wrap the toy in a washcloth or dish towel. Make sure that all the parts of your sex toy (including the batteries) are kept together in the same container in case they can’t be kept inside the actual toy.

2. Carry a variety of lubes

When travelling, it can be difficult to find lube to add to your sex toys. To make sure you always have lube with you, it’s worth bringing along a variety of lubricants as well as oils and creams that can be used in different scenarios.

3. Bring extra batteries

If you’re using a battery-operated sex toy, make sure to bring two sets of batteries so you’ll never be stuck without your toy. And if you’re travelling to different countries, make sure to bring batteries that are compatible with the voltage used in that particular country.

4. Stay hygienic

When travelling with your sex toys, it’s important to stay hygienic and safe. Make sure to clean your toys after each use, and use condoms or glove when appropriate. Also, be sure to practice safe sex by carrying condoms or other forms of protection with you at all times.

5. Know the rules

When travelling with sex toys, make sure to familiarise yourself with country-specific regulations related to sex toys before you leave home. This includes research on laws around sex toys as well as any rules specific to the airlines you are flying with.

Following these simple tips will help make sure that you can enjoy using your sex toys even when travelling abroad.

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