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Hello, it’s Cath Hak here. I have a video for you reviewing Rowena from Astounding Me, her program on a kid’s manual to bodies and babies. Motive for this is I acquired really thrilled when Row told me that she was undertaking these for the reason that often, glance, Sexual intercourse Ed Rescue is all about me encouraging dad and mom to have discussions with their little ones. So 1 of the matters you will not see me undertaking is featuring workshops the place I talk to your young children for you for the reason that I’m all about empowering you to have these discussions. But from time to time it is useful to have one thing that you can sit and observe with your baby. It indicates that you never have to anxiety so a great deal about what to say, when to say it. Am I going to be age proper? Am I heading to explain to them the incorrect issue, give them much too considerably facts? A whole host of fears and good reasons for not speaking can pop up. So the strategy of some thing like this is that you can sit with your boy or girl and observe the videos. And Rowena is a instructor, and she’s incredibly great at what she does. And she goes into educational facilities and she teaches little ones this stuff.

And she’s turned it into this wonderful online video study course. Of program, I had to say to her, Why does your things appear so good? She’s obtained a son at uni and he has a mate who does video clip stuff. So she paid him to occur in and film her undertaking it all and to put it all collectively and make it search truly sweet. It seems to be wonderful. I’m pretty jealous when I glimpse at it. But anyway, I’m likely to take you in and give you a seem at it. I’m likely to lower my facial area mainly because I’m sitting down listed here. I do not think of myself as vain, but whenever I do movies, I glimpse at my hair and I never go to the hairdresser simply because I expend all my cash on books, which is naughty. Anyway, I say I’m not vain, but recently I’m normally conversing about my hair in videos. Ok, so there are two of them. I’ll just consider you about. Hopefully, I was in previous night. No, it’s all absent. It is logged me out. I could have to restart this movie. But anyway, there’s two of them. There is a nine calendar year outdated just one and there’s a 9 to 12 year previous and a seven to eight year aged.

Idea for breaking them up is just that the information about sex is just less complicated for the more youthful children than the older little ones. So this is, of course, in essence about how infants are manufactured, in which they arrive from, how they are born. But she also talks about entire body basic safety, consent, naming personal components, things like that. So this is an overview of all the various points. So essentially it’s sit down and enjoy it for an hour. So I’m just going to show you what the down load observe is. This is also in the activity reserve as effectively. And I’m just likely to open the action book. Sorry, it pops up. There is that one particular. And then there is that just one. So this is just the take note, just expressing it’s for an hour. It’s not a alternative for you mainly because Rowena is like me, she strongly believes that parents really should be the ones conversing and permitting you know that it is up to an hour. So these are the actions. So this is a 9 to 12 year outdated a person. What I like about Rowena’s stuff is she doesn’t be expecting you to just sit there, equally of you, and stare at the display screen. She breaks it up with pursuits, and I was genuinely pleased to see she also gets you relocating about a little bit, which I assume is wonderful.

It begins off, I’ll just convert the volume down. She does have an A usy accent like me. She’s from Sydney, so I have a Queensland accent, which signifies my accent can be a small little bit much better. Rowena’s accents, not a Queensland accent. So she just gives a tiny bit of an introduction straight absent. And she starts off off by, and I just love this. Hold on, I’m likely to have to log back in. Sorry, I started out to document this past evening. All right. And for some reason, even though I’ve sat and watched all these, it is cleared my point. Alright, so this is the 7 to 9 yr old one. So it starts off off with the video of Rowena just permitting you know what to anticipate, that things. And then she gets into it. So we’ll go into the how do you experience? And she has an action, so she tells you to go to that activity. And so the movies are quite significantly about slides like this. And then she also has the talking head in the corner as perfectly. So I seriously like Rowena’s stuff. The penis that is in right here is an intact penis mainly because that is what penises glimpse like when they are born.

So she talks about entire body protection in here as nicely. Now, the area, it has received a portion on how infants are created, and she does communicate about all the distinct strategies that a child is designed, not just by means of sexual intercourse as well. She does not have a description or a photograph of a penis likely into a vagina or nearly anything like that. But she does talk about sex as a way to make a newborn. And of course, this is fully age correct at this age. It is not info which is going to terrify or shock your youngsters as well. So I just want to make clear that. So this is all the things that takes place. So when we look at how a child life and grows, I’ll just just take you by way of and demonstrate you some of the… She also experienced, I don’t know, I could have been her son’s close friend also manufactured up some genuinely awesome little cartoons, and she’s experienced excellent artwork. So you know, this is how the baby will get fed. So if you try to eat a burger, it’s likely to get broken down and the baby’s heading to get some of that burger as perfectly. So she responses a lot of the widespread queries that little ones have about these points as effectively.

So appear, that’s that 1. So we’ll just go back again. I’ll see if it will enable me go back again. And I’m just heading to clearly show you… Is it heading to allow me go back again thoroughly? I think I’m going to have to go back again a couple of occasions. Sorry about this. I will go to the nine yr previous one. It’s just about similar. It just has a tiny bit of additional facts, a great deal much more particulars. What I felt like about Rowena is that she’s a teacher, so she knows how to educate children, and she understands how to existing facts in a way that’s age suitable. So this is the system that she goes into faculties to provide. But she turned this into an on-line plan simply because not everybody lives in Sydney, Australia, where she lives. And so what I enjoy about these is that they’re one thing that you can sit down and watch with your boy or girl, and you can use it as a vehicle to commence obtaining those people discussions. All right. Anyway, any issues, please do inquire me. I’m actually excited about these due to the fact it signifies that, A, I do not have to go out and generate them myself. But B, it is a source that you can use as a father or mother that will enable you to have these conversations.

And at the conclude of the day, it doesn’t genuinely make any difference how you have the conversation as lengthy as you have the dialogue. And I’m all about executing items the simple way. So if you can use sources that aid you to have these conversations, that is what it is all about. The easy way to do matters or the hard way. And so Sexual intercourse Ed Rescue is about helping you to come across simpler and far better approaches to have these conversations. Rowena’s program on this is just outstanding. I want her to do just one on pornography, and I also want her… I assume she’s acquired 1 prepared on consent, but that might be a guide. But I’ve been nag her to do a pornography 1 for the reason that that would just be excellent. For the reason that a whole lot of young ones strike that age where they are curious about bodies and they are heading to glance at pornography. So if she could have a little something that you could sit and view with a creepy, intense child, it just is a best way to get a conversation begun. In any case, sufficient talking from me. Any questions, as I said, just question. All right.


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