A Moisture Evidence Intimacy Blanket to Defend Your Sheets


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It is a fact of existence that sexual intercourse can be messy. Nicely, we signify that Superior intercourse can be messy. Normal bodily fluids, lubricants, therapeutic massage oils and even sweat can depart your sheets and bedding moist and ravished. Based on how very good the session was, the sheets may well want to be washed, which is kind of a ache in the neck, since sheets get up a entire load! Also, except if you quickly clean the sheets, you are however remaining with the trouble of the “wet spot”.  If we are all absolutely straightforward, the damp place seriously sucks to have to offer with or even slumber in.

It is for these good reasons, we manufactured the Shag Ragg intimacy blanket. The Shag Ragg is dampness-evidence and specifically made to shield your sheets and bedding from any wetness generated during sex. 

In common, intimacy blankets are a somewhat new addition to the market. If you are not  acquainted with the idea of an intimacy blanket, it is a blanket you put down on the mattress (or any other location you want to get it on) to guard your sheets and/or bedding from the wetness, lube, cum, massage oils or “whatever” is established in the course of nutritious sex. When you are concluded, just toss it on the floor so you can clean it later and enjoy your warm dry sheets!

How is the Shag Ragg Made?

The Shag Ragg is handmade in the United states and consists of three layers. The major layer is a cozy printed fleece, which is obtainable in a wide variety of one of a kind models. The center layer is made up of a humidity proof barrier that helps prevent any liquid from soaking via. The base layer is an ultra-comfortable fleece that absorbs any liquid that could possibly get as a result of the middle layer. All 3 layers do the job jointly in trying to keep your sheets dry and secured.


Positive aspects of Owning a Shag Ragg

You may well marvel why you would get a Shag Ragg, when you could just as conveniently use an outdated tub towel?  There are numerous rewards to proudly owning the Shag Ragg. Listed here are just a number of:

  1. Retains Sheets and Bedding Dry and Guarded

The most important intent of the Shag Ragg is to continue to keep sheets and bedding dry and guarded from any wetness made through sexual intercourse.  The Shag Ragg is specifically made with an moisture evidence barrier layer inside to stop any wetness from receiving via. The within barrier layer is skinny and mild but very helpful. Simply because of the sort of product applied, there is no crinkling audio or other outward indicators as to the Shag Ragg’s genuine function! It seems to be like a typical, wonderful throw blanket, but you and your lover will know what it is actually for!

  1. A Designer Addition to any Bed room Decor

The Shag Ragg also provides a distinctive contact of décor to any bedroom. With 6 distinctive entertaining and modern day cloth prints available, the Shag Ragg can be a stylish addition to any bed room. Our patterns are shiny and mild-hearted. They are not mass produced, but made by individual artists which outcomes in a unique  product you just will not see day-to-day.

  1. Discussion Starter

The Shag Ragg can be a dialogue starter, by encouraging the open and honest discussion about sex and consent. On the other hand it can also be a silent signal permitting your husband or wife know that you’re intrigued in having sex with no possessing to explicitly say it. This can make it much easier for shy or reserved people today to initiate sexual activity with their spouse. It can also be a fantastic way for that outgoing specific to freely talk about sex, in particular if the Shag Ragg is laying out as section of the decor of a home.

  1. Intercourse Constructive

The Shag Ragg is a sex favourable product that encourages healthier intercourse by acknowledging that it is ok to loosen up, love, and allow your body react in a good way to the pleasure it is encountering. Talking with your spouse about utilizing the Shag Ragg can aid to facilitate conversations about what “turns you on” or what sorts of sexual pursuits you may possibly like to discover. Ultimately, it can enable crack down barriers and make people truly feel extra snug and self-assured in their sexuality.

  1. Nervousness-Minimizing

For people today with stress and anxiety, the Shag Ragg can be a sport changer. Figuring out that any wetness will be contained and not damage sheets or bedding can assist ease some of the panic that will come with intimacy. It lets each individual man or woman the potential to be in the present moment and to revel in the sacred space for intimacy that they produce just about every time they lay it down.

Cleaning the Shag Ragg is also a breeze. It can be easily washed in the washing device, building it a small-routine maintenance addition to your bedroom.


Overall, the Shag Ragg is a exciting and useful addition to any bedroom. It is a product that presents both equally practical benefits and a touch of individuality to your space. As we proceed to embrace open up, trustworthy and healthful discussions about sex, the intimacy blanket and the Shag Ragg in certain is a product or service that is positive to turn out to be ever more popular.


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