Addressing Widespread Concerns about Condom Demonstrations


Composed by Elizabeth, RSEI Educator | Revealed Oct 27th, 2021

A lot of universities and businesses we partner with express worry about the influence of condom demonstrations on their youth. They’re anxious about irrespective of whether or not condom demos are developmentally correct, especially in center faculty, if they will really encourage young folks to have intercourse, and if mother and father or neighborhood users will be upset. So, for this month’s blog site, we decided to split down these fears a single by a single.

Are they developmentally appropriate?

The reality is, condom demonstrations ARE developmentally proper for the two center and significant-faculty-aged youth. Both equally the Nationwide Sexual intercourse Instruction Specifications and the SIECUS Guidelines emphasize the value of young people comprehension how to use condoms in center and higher college. 

Younger persons need to have information and facts about how to use condoms effectively In advance of they start off getting intercourse, so they can make educated conclusions about safety and use it the appropriate way when the time comes. And, we know from experiential understanding theory that persons master ideal when they experience something – this implies basically seeing a condom demonstration or, even much better, practicing condom demos by themselves. 

So, when are kids acquiring intercourse in any case? Details is pretty limited on the sexual action of middle faculty youth, but the knowledge we do have implies that, on regular, less than 2% of center faculty learners report that they had intercourse before age 11. That amount raises a little when we survey higher college youth, where about 3% of higher educational institutions college students report that they experienced intercourse right before age 13.

Will they persuade youth to have sexual intercourse quicker?

Okay, so we know from the data that most young people today hold out right until they are a bit more mature to have sex. Will supplying condom demonstrations make them extra most likely to want to attempt intercourse out sooner? 

Yet again, there isn’t significantly facts aimed at addressing this precise question. On the other hand, several center and large college thorough sexual intercourse instruction curricula characteristic condom demonstrations, and data shows that complete intercourse education delays sexual initiation (the age at which a human being 1st has sex). 

In addition, numerous experiments have been done about the impression of condom availability in universities on costs of sex amid youthful folks. That study shows that prices of sexual exercise among adolescents in educational institutions with condom availability plans were no better than people in educational facilities with no these types of applications. If giving condoms to youthful folks does not make them much more very likely to have sexual intercourse, why would demonstration of correct condom use?

Quite a few folks see a center ground below – why not talk by the ways for suitable condom use, rather of demonstrating them? And we can see why that feels like a joyful medium. Following all, the Countrywide Specifications for Sexual intercourse Education and learning say that, by the conclusion of 8th grade, college students must be ready to: “Describe the techniques to using barrier approaches the right way (e.g., external and inside condoms, dental dams) SH.8.SM.1.” It is not until eventually the conclusion of 10th grade that the NSES say students must be in a position to demonstrate those identical measures.

But, consider this analogy: I know almost nothing about transforming the oil in my car. If a mechanic talked by means of the methods, I could possibly be capable to recall some of them, but in all probability not all of them and definitely not in purchase. If that very same mechanic shown how to modify the oil, my recollection of techniques in the correct order would probably make improvements to. Now, if I altered the oil with or along with a mechanic, I’m considerably additional most likely to be capable to do it myself all over again, ought to the need to have come up.

Furthermore, the additional publicity middle and substantial university college students have to condoms before they have intercourse, the more very likely they are to use them accurately when the time arrives.

How will people and caregivers respond?

The previous major concern we hear is about the prospective response of people and the local community. Surveys conducted at regional, point out, and countrywide concentrations commonly exhibit potent community and parental assist for thorough intercourse schooling. Back again in 2004, NPR, Kaiser Household Foundation, and Harvard’s Kennedy Faculty of Authorities launched success of a national survey on sexual intercourse instruction. You can examine out all of the details right here, but at that time 40% of respondents felt that the topic of how to place on a condom was acceptable in equally center and large college. Although not as particular in conditions of the thoughts questioned, a 2018 report from SIECUS located 89% of respondents think it is significant to have sex education in middle school and 98% believe that it is important to have sexual intercourse training in superior college. The SIECUS reviews also display that household and group assist for in depth sex instruction has been steady above the past 20 decades.

Finding family & caregiver get-in is critical to furnishing large-top quality intercourse schooling – right after all, they are the people today who will be there during a young person’s daily life to aid information them by way of huge conclusions. At RSEI, we motivate our companions to host information classes for this specific explanation. Give families and caregivers the opportunity to satisfy the educator, to get a feeling of what their youngster(ren) will be understanding, how, and why. We normally understand at these classes that people are eager for their young ones to have intercourse education and learning. Numerous express emotion unqualified, not comfortable, and/or unprepared to navigate these conversations, and they’re eager for any resources and help we can supply to support them get well prepared. It is our occupation as sex educators to support assist family members and caregivers as they help their youthful person navigate lifestyle.

So if the concern is, “Should we supply condom demonstrations?” You can expect the reply from RSEI to be a resounding “YES we should really!”


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