Art of Making a Perfect College Essay Plan – Dos and Don’ts to Follow

Prime Factors:

The following are some dos and don’ts to follow for your college essay.

  • Be honest while you are describing your personal story.
  • Don’t try to impress the admission officer by writing a fake story
  • Follow up a proper structure to ensure organisation in your essay.
  • Don’t write in an ambiguous context.

Here is an explanation that can be helpful to follow up on these markers in your essays.

Applying to a college can be an exciting experience but requires dedication and hard work. Before you step into college, you have to pass the key application requirements. Writing a college essay is a significant part of your essay. It needs to be written with utmost attention to be accepted by the authorities. This phase can be challenging as we see students make similar mistakes every year when writing these essays. The outcome is that they may fail to secure the position just because of the negligibility of the writing or research.

Moreover, there are some conventions to be followed up as given by the institutions. Abiding by these key requirements, as well as expressing your competencies in such papers, can be a daunting hurdle for applicants. The guide below can help learners cope with these difficulties in numerous ways. Here, we have given some dos and don’ts that will help you avoid any mistakes in your essay. Keep reading to grant some perfection to your college application essay.

How to Make a Perfect College Essay Plan? Dos and Don’ts

Writing a college essay can be stressful, which is why students tend to put them off until the last minute. However, there are some steps that students can take to craft the most accurate personal statement. Below are some key points that students must keep in mind for completing their best college essays. However, in parallel to the increasing crowd of applicants, if you don’t want to take any risk, then it is better to avail of an essay writing service to get it done by professionals.

Keep reading to increase your chance of gaining admission to top college essay.

Do: Be Honest in Choosing an Essay Topic

Entering college starts with writing an essay. Many applicants are highly concerned about choosing the topic for their college essays. There, they try to choose a topic that seems interesting and impressive. Remember, what seems impressive to you is optional to stand out in the pile of applications when it gets evaluated by the college application essay tutor. The admission officer truly wants to see a slice of your personality.

College Essay Topics

Choosing a good topic for your college essay is more than just picking up the course that seems interesting to you. It is all about finding a genuine fit that can describe your persona well. The topics below can help you to find the perfect theme that can resonate well with your story.

  • What is the impact of social media on youth?
  • How can gap years before starting your college education affect your performance?
  • Why it’s a dire need to invest in renewable energy sources?

Don’t: Try to Impress

Many of the students remain in the hype of just impressing the admission officer by any means. Here, they can even try to frame some fake stories that can’t do more than add fake essence to this most crucial part of your college application. This paper is written to get a sense of how your personality will fit socially in a specific campus. Therefore, providing an accurate picture of yourself and showing your true self are the only means.

Do: Follow Up an Accurate Structure

One of the most important considerations in writing this college essay is following a proper structure. It might seem unusual for you to follow a structure for your college essay. This is because students are only aware of structuring other academic write-ups such as assignments, essays, and theses.

Is There a Structure for A College Essay?

Although there is no set of rules for writing your college essay, there are generally two structures that can help you organise your thoughts on paper.

  • Montage Structure: It revolves around the central theme of tying your experiences together.
  • Narrative Structure: Here, you define a personal story from your experience to showcase how it shaped your personal growth.

College Essay Format

There are several ways to format your college essays. It depends on whether you are cutting or pasting your write-up in the framework of the application form or attaching a well-written document in a pdf file. However, the general structural details, as given by Wordvice, are displayed below,


Moreover, if structuring your ideas in this essay writing template seems challenging, it is better to seek college essay help online from experts. These professionals, being aware of the college essay writing requirements, can better assist you in achieving productive outcomes.

Don’t: Write Ambiguous

The ambiguity in the college essay ideas can confuse the reader. However, if the officer is unable to grasp the slice of information that you have provided in this paper, then how can you be shortlisted for further proceedings? Here, the thumb rule can be used to follow up on the proper structure that you have talked about above. Hence, considering a previously written sample may take away your related confusion if you have any.

College Essay Examples

Having a sample in front of you before you start crafting your essay can be helpful. This is how you can understand the writing style, tone or formatting rules that you need to follow. A similar example has been given by College Essay Guy, whose initial part is displayed below.


Writing a college essay is important to get admitted to your desired institution. This is the only chance that you can showcase your competencies in front of the admission committee. The better you perform here, the better your chances are of securing a good position in your top choice institutions. Therefore, in the above guide, we have given some dos and don’ts that must be kept in mind while you are completing your college board essay. However, if you are the one taking this second chance this year to apply and secure a good position in college, then buy an essay online to beat the competition with professional assistance. This is how you can resist taking any risk that can make you prone to losing the position.

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