Can you do Umrah on tourist visa?

Muslims can complete the Umrah pilgrimage by visiting Mecca and performing religious rituals. Visitors need an Umrah visa to enter the country but other rules must be followed. Next year you can get affordable all inclusive Umrah packages.

What Is a Visa for Umrah?

A Saudi Umrah visa lets you travel Saudi Arabia to perform the pilgrimage. This spiritual journey can be done year round. Since most pilgrims conduct the Hajj during Ramadan it is considered complete at that time. The Saudi authorities added that Schengen US and UK visa holders do not need an Umrah visa.

Do I Need a Special Visa to Perform the Umrah?

No tourist visas allow Umrah. It has many advantages over an Umrah visa. It has multiple entries and lets you stay longer. Pilgrimage visas are easier to obtain than tourist visas and applying through a licensed travel agency boosts your chances. Tourist visas allow just Umrah not Hajj.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said that foreigners on tourist visas can now perform Umrah. Visitors from 49 countries can get visas at airports or online at Visit Saudi Arabia. The ritual has been open to as many people as possible. US UK and Schengen visa holders are eligible. Foreign tourists can enter Saudi Arabia for non-essential and non-religious reasons with a visa.

With an Umrah visa, where may I travel?

Only Umrah visa holders can visit Jeddah Makkah and Medina. Any attempt to visit other cities will result in arrest fine or expulsion. Tourists can seek a 12 month visa to visit more Kingdom cities per the rules.

Reservations on the Eatmarna app allow family visit visa holders to perform umrah. People with all types of visas and international travellers can perform Umrah in Saudi Arabia thanks to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. Additionally US and UK visa holders can enter.

Performing Umrah while on a tourist visa:

Umrah is allowed for people from qualified nations who receive visas on arrival at a Saudi airport and those with US UK or Schengen passports with an admission stamp. Family visit visa holders and personal visitors can perform Umrah by making an appointment through the Eatamarna app.

How Do I Get an Umrah Visa?

Find a trustworthy travel agency. Consult a reputed travel agency in your country to apply for an Umrah visa. Your Umrah travel agent will process your application and arrange your travel. Most companies offer multiple packages at varying prices so you can choose the best one. Find certified agents in your country.

Get your paperwork ready. You must furnish your travel agent with the necessary papers so keep everything organized and current. The agency will finish the application. Use Umrah applications. You need two apps on your phone after entering the country. Since it’s only available in Saudi Arabia you must download and register the app Tawakkalna upon arrival. You can perform Umrah using Cheap December Packages.

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