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With a vast array of sex toys available, many claiming to do the same thing, shopping for a pleasure product can be anything but pleasurable. To help you pursue pleasure, we simplified the shopping process by doing the legwork for you. Here are the similarities and differences between two bendable vibrators: Crescendo 2 and Poco.

What makes Crescendo 2 and Poco so unique?

What makes these two vibrators unique from the rest? Bendability. Crescendo 2 and Poco are two of the world’s first bendable vibrators. Now, you’re probably thinking – what a second – I’ve seen vibrators that bend before. You may have seen or used ultra-flexible vibrators, but a bendable vibrator is different. A bendable vibrator can be bent to take on a whole new configuration and shape AND hold this new shape during use. Because no two bodies are the same, bendability offers new opportunities to explore and personalize your experience of pleasure in creative ways. Now, the more pressing question: how do you know which is right for you: Crescendo 2 or Poco?

The Bendable Vibrator Comparison: Crescendo 2 Vs. Poco

What are the differences between Crescendo 2 and Poco vibrator?  


How a vibrator is designed to be used is an important consideration, especially if you have specific body parts you’re looking to stimulate.   

Crescendo 2 is designed to be an ultra-versatile, gender-agnostic vibrator capable of stimulating multiple erogenous zones during foreplay, sex, or masturbation.   

For women and vulva owners, Crescendo 2 offers targeted G-spot, A-spot, clitoral, anal, and nipple stimulation. Unprecedented bendability alongside Crescendo 2’s long, ergonomic body makes for infinite pleasure combinations. Bend it to stimulate multiple erogenous zones, like G-spot and clitoris, to experience a blended orgasm.   

For men and penis owners, Crescendo 2 can provide penis, P-spot, perineum, and nipple stimulation. Crescendo 2 can be wrapped around the length of the penis for a vibrating hand job or placed vertically along the shaft. If you enjoy external prostate massage, place the tip of Crescendo 2 against the perineum while the remaining body stimulates the penis shaft.   

For the lucky vulva owners out there, Poco is used for targeted G-spot stimulation. Poco is designed to mimic human fingers with its unique bendability to stimulate internal erogenous zones. It’s easy to use for masturbation or with a partner during foreplay and sex.   

Bluetooth, bendable vibrator Crescendo 2


Buzz, buzz! The motors are a substantial part of what makes a vibrator appealing and functional (that one should be obvious). Here is an area where our bendable vibrators deviate.   

If quantity is a selling point for you, then Crescendo 2’s impressive line-up of six motors hits that mark. Each of Crescendo 2’s six motors is strategically placed along the length of its body to maximize stimulation of key erogenous zones. With zero dead zones, you’ll feel dispersed and powerful vibes along every inch, regardless of the body part.   

If you prefer precision and power over quantity, Poco’s two robust motors are more than enough. Poco’s two motors heighten arousal to one erogenous zone – the G-spot – with marksman-like precision. With bendability at two different points to boot, Poco provides that Big O you most desire. Don’t be fooled by this vibrator’s compact size; it’s small but packs a punch.  


Some people prefer small and compact, and others prefer long and curvy. So, size does matter, but it’s subjective.   

Crescendo 2 is 8.6 inches long to accommodate different vaginal lengths and target multiple erogenous zones. However, it’s a slim, comfortable fit, with its circumference being 1.6 and 1.8 inches, respectively. Crescendo 2’s long and flexible body makes it easy to explore deep, hidden areas both anally and vaginally.   

Poco is shorter in length than Crescendo 2, at 5.6 inches long. It’s remarkably slim and compact at 1.6 inches wide and a little under 1 inch in height. Poco’s small, compact size makes it discreet for travel, whether in your purse or packed in luggage.

How are Crescendo 2 and Poco similar?


Crescendo 2 and Poco are two of the world’s most flexible, bendable vibrators. Unlike traditional vibrators that are rigid and fixed in shape and size, Poco and Crescendo 2 are both designed to adapt to your body, whatever your shape and size.   

Why adaptability? Pleasure is a personal journey, and people, unlike factory presets, have diverse bodies and preferences. Both vibrators mimic human fingers, and that flexibility allows them to reach and stimulate your unique erogenous zones. Adaptability helps you feel pleasure in areas you may not have been able to reach and even discover new pleasure zones.   

Bluetooth vibrator Poco


Materials are the number one consideration when buying a vibrator, as sex toys made with non-body safe materials have the potential to make you sick. Both Crescendo 2 and Poco passed the quality control test with body-safe materials. These high-tech vibrators are made with the highest quality medical grade, premium silicone that is silky smooth to the touch. In addition, they are 100% water-resistant, so make a splash and get as wet and wild as you please! 

Intensity Levels  

All vibrators vibrate; it’s the quality of vibration that matters. Both Crescendo 2 and Poco have 16 intensity levels. Multiple tiers of intensity allow you to set the pace of your bedroom adventure, whether going full-throttle or taking it sensually slow and edging your pleasure until it reaches a crescendo (no pun intended).  

Crescendo 2 Bluetooth vibrator remote control app-controlled vibrator

App-Controlled Vibrators  

Welcome to the future of sexual wellness, where vibrators are ‘smart.’ By smart, we mean both Crescendo 2 and Poco are Bluetooth vibrators with smartphone apps. Use the app to live control your pleasure or your partner’s pleasure, change the vibration pattern and intensity level, and even create your own custom vibration patterns. You can customize your vibration pattern in detail – down to each individual motor. Both products can be controlled via the app up to 30 feet away. Set it, forget it, and enjoy a hands-free ride.  

Remote Control  

Not everyone wants to bring the phone into the bedroom, so we created the MysteryVibe remote, to give an additional option for controlling both products. The remote control can change the vibration pattern, intensity level, and toggle between multiple products. If you own multiple MysteryVibe vibrators, you can control them simultaneously with the remote control’s various channels.   


When you buy either Crescendo 2 or Poco, you get the peace of mind of having a 24-month product warranty, discreet shipping, and 100% secure payment.   

Bendable vibrator Crescendo 2

Now that you thoroughly understand the similarities and differences between bendable vibrators Crescendo 2 and Poco, what will it be for you?   

The Crescendo 2 Vibrator  

If you want options to explore different body parts and erogenous zones, then the versatility and flexibility of Crescendo 2 will give you that and more. With unprecedented bendability and six motors, you have multiple sex toys that offer multiple types of orgasms. You may even discover erogenous zones you didn’t know existed.

  • Ultra-flexible and bendable
  • Targets multiple erogenous zones
  • Gender-agnostic
  • 6 powerful motors
  • 16 intensity speeds
  • 100% showerproof
  • Create custom vibes
  • Bluetooth vibrator with live control


The Poco Vibrator  

If you’re in the market for a G-spot vibrator, Poco is the vibe for you. Designed to mimic the movement of human fingers, Poco is the world’s first Bluetooth, bendable G-spot vibrator that expertly stimulates and massages that hidden gem. Its small, compact size makes it the perfect travel companion, whether you’re traveling by air, land, or foot. Despite its power, it’s quiet and discrete, which is excellent for those who may lack privacy or want to take a foray into public exhibitionism (no judgment here).   

  • Ultra-flexible and bendable  
  • G-spot stimulation   
  • Travel friendly  
  • Lightweight and compact  
  • 2 powerful motors  
  • 16 intensity speeds  
  • 100% showerproof  
  • Create custom vibes  
  • Bluetooth vibrator with live control 



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