Does Delta Charge to Change Name on Ticket?

Travel plans are often subject to unforeseen changes, and one of the most common alterations passengers may need to make is to the name on their airline ticket. Whether it’s due to a simple misspelling, a legal name change, or any other reason, understanding an airline’s policies regarding name changes is crucial. We’ll delve into the specifics of Delta Airlines name change policy, exploring whether they charge passengers for this service and what steps you can take to make the process as smooth as possible.

Understanding the Importance of Name Accuracy:

Before we delve into Delta’s policies, it’s essential to understand why accurate names on airline tickets are so crucial. Airlines adhere to strict security measures, and the name on your ticket must match the traveler’s government-issued ID. This not only ensures a smooth check-in process but also complies with international aviation regulations.

Delta’s General Name Change Policies:

Delta Airlines, like many other carriers, recognizes that passengers may need to make changes to their ticket information. However, the airline typically distinguishes between minor corrections and more significant alterations. Minor corrections, such as fixing a misspelled name, are often allowed without additional charges.

Delta’s Policy on Minor Corrections:

Delta generally allows passengers to make minor corrections to the name on their ticket without imposing extra fees. These corrections typically include fixing typos, misspellings, or other small errors. However, it’s important to note that the name correction must not result in a significant change to the passenger’s identity.

For example, if the original name is “John A. Smith” and the correction is to “John B. Smith” or “John Smith Jr.,” Delta is likely to permit this without charging a fee. The key is ensuring that the correction maintains the essential identity of the passenger.

Legal Name Changes and Delta’s Policies:

When it comes to more substantial name changes due to legal reasons, Delta may have a different set of rules. If a passenger legally changes their name and needs to update their ticket accordingly, the airline typically requires documentation to support the request. This documentation may include a court order or other legal paperwork verifying the name change.

It’s important to check Delta’s specific requirements for legal name changes, as each case can be unique. While there may be instances where Delta waives fees for legal name changes, having the necessary documentation ready will facilitate the process.

Steps to Change the Name on a Delta Ticket:

If you find yourself needing to Delta change name on ticket, follow these general steps:

Contact Delta Customer Service:

  • Reach out to Delta’s customer service via phone or online channels.

  • Clearly explain the reason for the name change and provide any necessary documentation.

Provide Supporting Documents:

  • If the name change is due to legal reasons, be prepared to submit relevant documentation.

  • Ensure the documents clearly demonstrate the legal basis for the name change.

Be Flexible with Timing:

  • Name changes may take some time to process, so be flexible with your schedule.

  • Start the process as early as possible to avoid any last-minute complications.

Check for Fees:

  • Confirm with the Delta representative whether any fees apply to your specific case.

  • Be aware of potential charges and factor them into your travel budget.

Review the Updated Ticket:

  • Once the name change is processed, carefully review the updated ticket to ensure accuracy.

  • Double-check that all details, including the name, match your identification documents.



In the realm of airline travel, unexpected changes are par for the course. Delta name change, understanding the dynamic nature of travel plans, has policies in place to accommodate passengers needing to make name changes on their tickets. While minor corrections are often allowed without additional fees, legal name changes may require documentation and could potentially incur charges.

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