Enthusiastic Consent…why is it so really hard to uncover in present-day media? — more than intercourse-ed is a Los Angeles primarily based challenge of Community Partners®


Consent, or authorization/settlement for a little something to come about, is one particular of our favourite matters to include in Far more Than Sexual intercourse-Ed applications. We use consent in our daily life it’s A lot more Than just interactions in intercourse (see what we did there?)

You can get associated! We are seeking for illustrations of ENTHUSIASTIC, informed, freely supplied consent in modern day media. These can arrive from your most loved videos, Tv shows, audio video clips (if possible something we can cite in a clip) and more.

Quite actually we have no difficulty at all locating video clips of non-consent or murky consent. Surely you have witnessed one particular or two of these blockbuster Harrison Ford examples. But the issue we are hunting for is the a lot rarer case in point of beneficial, affirming, unmistakable, personal, heartfelt consent between two people who essentially care about each and every other. Consent in the way we hope younger individuals will experience empowered to make use of in their interactions.


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