Hello, Bi Guy: Debunking Myths


There are an awful lot of misconceptions and myths bordering bisexuality. You probably never need us to explain to you that.

Bisexual persons of all genders have been, are and will be issue to these myths. There are also some distinct, or especially used, to bisexual males.

For example, just one 2014 analyze showed that persons thought of bi adult men to be extra confused, additional untrustworthy, much less inclined in the direction of monogamy, not as equipped to keep a long-term romance, and more open up to new ordeals.

Of course, these views do not keep up to actuality. Not only that, but they can be seriously offensive, ignorant, and hurtful, as well. But there are an awful whole lot of myths and stereotypes that several people today believe that – even bi fellas them selves.

With so a lot of pervasive myths out there, it is always a great time to tackle them head-on and debunk them after and for all.  Listed here are 7 pervasive but bogus beliefs about bisexual men.

Occasionally, these items could be legitimate for a certain bisexual person. Like any individual else, a bisexual gentleman can cheat, for case in point, but they won’t cheat for the reason that they are bisexual. The beliefs here just are not true for most bi fellas.

Bi guys have to have to have intercourse with gentlemen

Adult males of all sexual identities are frequently characterised as currently being hypersexual or ‘sex-mad’, and when it arrives to bi men there is often a belief that we want — not want, need to have — to have sex with gentlemen and won’t be fulfilled if we’re in a monogamous relationship with a lady, or vice-versa, but that is not always the case.

A bi person can go by everyday living in no way acquiring intercourse with a gentleman, or hardly ever obtaining sexual intercourse with a female for that make a difference, and it would not make him any a lot less bisexual.

If you never explain to your spouse you are bi straight away you are cheating or hiding a thing

Coming out as queer can be tricky, regardless of your unique id. There is nonetheless a ton of stigma bordering bisexuality, and it is not usually uncomplicated to appear out. A bisexual man may possibly be hesitant to notify their spouse about their sexuality no matter of their partner’s gender, notably if they think any of the myths listed here. If you are bombarded with the idea that bi fellas are far more likely to be unfaithful, or less capable to manage a extensive-expression romantic relationship, it’s not surprising that you might come across it complicated to arrive out.

If your associate is bisexual but didn’t notify you to start with, you may feel damage – and which is both of those alright and easy to understand, notably if you believe any of these myths. But it does not automatically imply that your partner has cheated, or is usually hiding a thing. They only might not have been all set to appear out nevertheless, and which is alright. You could you have points that you haven’t advised them however about on your own or your everyday living since you haven’t felt completely ready, too.

Male attraction to other adult men is exclusively sexual

Generally, persons assume of guys as getting centered on sex, initial and foremost, higher than any kind of romantic or other type of intimacy or connection. Likewise, male attraction to other adult males is sometimes assumed of as currently being inherently or even only at any time sexual, but which is not constantly the circumstance.

Men – be they gay, bisexual, pansexual, or usually – can encounter intimate and other forms of social and emotional connections just like people of any other gender.

Coming out will finish or adjust a romantic relationship

There’s no explanation that coming out ought to modify or finish a relationship. After all, getting bi does not modify your prior attraction to anyone.

In some circumstances, it may. Regretably, biphobia does exist, and some people may not want to be in a connection with another person who’s bi. The myths we’re speaking about listed here are rooted in biphobia on their own. Even so much we might disagree with their views, they are entitled to conclusion a marriage for any purpose.

But plenty of individuals in relationships will come out as bi to their associate and go on to continue on making the most of a content marriage. In truth, coming out as bi to your husband or wife might truly assist to make have confidence in between the two of you. Alternatively than harming the romance, it could likely assistance to deepen it even further, and make it much better.

They are basically gay, or using bisexuality to occur out as gay progressively

Bisexuality exists.

All too often, bi men are treated as if they are truly gay but haven’t ‘fully’ arrive out or come to phrases with remaining homosexual however, when bi females are addressed as if they are essentially straight but – as if they’re treating bisexuality as a craze. In both of those situations, attraction to guys is viewed as the default.

Certainly, this could not all be further more from the truth of the matter.

This is the key stereotype, states Vaneet Mehta, creator of Bisexual Adult men Exist: “This will come from monosexism and phallocentrism. Monosexism says that monosexual identities (gay/straight) are the only ones that are observed as legitimate or legitimate. This is what prospects to the societal erasure of bisexual individuals, as nicely as people today of other sexualities.

“Phallocentrism is the strategy that your identification is described by your attraction to the penis, your sexual encounters with it. This is a incredibly cisnormative strategy. What this effects in is bisexual guys are seen as closeted homosexual males. Our attraction to adult males, to the penis, defines our orientation. And since bisexuality is mentioned to not exist, we are found as homosexual.”

Bi fellas are much more female than straight men

Some bi guys could possibly present in a extra femme manner, and some could possibly have pursuits that are thought of far more feminine. Nonetheless, there’s no correlation in between male sexuality and femininity. It is as simple as that. Here, it is really worth noting that currently being femme is not just about presenting that way internally – and some guys, bi or if not, won’t really feel protected presenting femme anyway,

Bi guys will cheat 

There are likely to be bi fellas out there who aren’t monogamous, and bi fellas who will cheat. Just like there will be straight guys, straight gals, bi females – we could go on – who aren’t, or who will. But there’s no correlation.

Loads of bisexual folks, regardless of gender, are in pleased and dedicated associations with partners of all genders. And even when bisexual people today are in nonmonogamous associations that are consensual, the perception that bi guys ‘need’ nonmonogamy is rooted in the myth that bi fellas are hypersexual and ‘need’ sexual intercourse with gentlemen.

Everyone is distinctive. It is imagined that there are about nine million LGBT Us residents, so we can anticipate that there are over a single million bisexual men in the US – and then of program a lot of much more across the earth. Some will be monogamous, some won’t. Some could have hobbies or interests modern society deem to be more feminine, some won’t. Some could be upfront about their sexuality with their associate, some could not.

We’re all distinct, and the myths about bisexual guys simply just don’t hold up to reality. But owing to their prevalence being bisexual as a guy can be a minefield – it can be difficult to healthy in.

So, what we can do? Biphobia is not going to vanish overnight, as substantially as we’d like it to. But, we can give additional resources to the bi local community, says Mehta. “There is a massive bi group of activists and businesses but they are often grassroots and seriously underfunded,” – and Scarleteen is a person this sort of firm that supports and is designed of the queer neighborhood, such as bisexual persons.

“Giving these organizations area, funds, products, and so on to aid them with their do the job can go a prolonged way. It is not very good more than enough to just give cash to normal LGBTQIA+ neighborhood companies as they generally are not doing the job to take care of the bi-certain difficulties. We need to have funding presented to bi corporations to guide them with their critical do the job of developing and spreading awareness, educating men and women, producing supplies and assist networks for these having difficulties, and a lot more.”


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