How does de-influencing trend influence the influencer marketing industry?

Influencer marketing today is the key strategy for all kinds of brands from beauty to fintech startups. At the same time, in the realm of digital consumerism, a new noteworthy trend called “deinfluencing” is taking shape.

Focusing on micro-influencers

The trend of deinfluencing, where consumers are becoming more skeptical of influencers’ recommendations, played a significant role in the brands’ shift towards micro-influencers. Why? Micro-influencers are those with a small – 10,000 to 100,000 – but highly engaged following, who usually cover specific areas like lifestyle, gaming, tech, travel, and other. 

New ways of engaging with new audiences

Despite challenging circumstances, industry players are always adept at finding ways to promote their products and services when new trends arise. The deinfluencing trend, fueled by concerns surrounding authenticity, transparency, and the commercialization of social media, has compelled brands to adopt. 

Cultivating long-lasting relationships

Deinfluencing trend emphasized the need for brands to increasingly focus on cultivating long-lasting relationships with creators. By prioritizing genuine partnerships, brands aim to overcome concerns related to authenticity, transparency, and commercialization. Building long-lasting relationships allows brands to leverage the influence and credibility of creators while maintaining a strong brand presence in an evolving influencer marketing landscape.

The importance of authenticity

As consumers seek more genuine and relatable content, brands are realizing the significance of aligning with influencers who authentically resonate with their audience. Prioritizing authenticity, brands can maintain trust and credibility in influencer marketing despite the challenges posed by the deinfluencing trend.

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