How To Avoid Getting Botched Hair Transplant Surgery?

Do you know that hair transplant is the most effective hair restoration treatment?

This procedure is a minimally invasive cosmetic plastic surgery that helps overcome bald scalp and provides natural hair back. As a result it is gaining popularity across the globe. But some people experience botched hair transplant surgery and influence others to avoid considering it.

In such circumstances we had a discussion with Dr. Sumit Agrawal. He is a renowned hair transplant surgeon practising at Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic, a popular hair transplant clinic in Mumbai. We took insights from the surgeon and prepared this brief guide on factors affecting the success of a hair transplant surgery. So, if you are one of them who wants to get natural hair back but is afraid of botched hair transplant surgery, then go through this blog carefully.

An overview of Botched Hair Transplant Surgery

Botched hair transplant is a condition when the implanted strips or follicles are unable to grow and give the desired outcome of hair restoration. Some sign and symptoms of botched hair transplant are as follows:

  • Undeveloped growth of implanted hair follicles after waiting for more than two to three months.
  • Unnecessary scaring around the treated area
  • Infection of the treated skin
  • Damage of the skin tissues
  • Poor growth of the hairs
  • Excessive harvesting of the hair follicles or strips from the donor area.

Reason of Botched Hair Transplant

A bad hair transplant can be caused by various reasons. Some of them are as follows:

  • The use of older hair transplant technique and equipment.
  • Lack of trained staff
  • Worse use of anaesthesia during the procedure
  • Poor post-operative care
  • Patient hiding the medical history with the surgeon.

Tips to avoid the Botched Hair Transplant Surgery

Botched hair transplant is avoidable but to do so surgeons and the candidates need to work on their part and make the procedure successful.

**Tips for Hair Transplant surgeon **

  • Use the latest techniques of hair transplant like FUT and FUE
  • Take assistance from the qualified and trained technical staff
  • Appoint an experienced anesthesiologist for induction of anaesthesia
  • Discard the non-functional older equipment for the surgical procedure of hair transplant.

Tips for the Candidate to follow

  • Follow the surgeons instruction and take prescribed medications timely
  • Avoid going out in the extreme sunlight
  • Protect the treated scalp from dust, pollution, harmful chemical and hot shower
  • Increase the water intake and take rich food diet
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol, drugs and excessive caffeine.

In case of experiencing poor outcomes after following the above-mentioned post-operative care, one can take consultation with a qualified and highly experienced hair transplant surgeon.

With a remarkable experience of 22 years, Dr. Sumit Agrawal is renowned as the best hair transplant doctor in Mumbai. He practises at Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic and uses advanced minimally invasive FUE technique along with traditional FUT. One can consider him for a revision hair transplant. This doctor customises the procedure according to the candidate’s physica, medical condition and expectations from the treatment. In addition, this clinic is fully facilitated with the latest equipment for successful hair transplant.

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