How to Stay clear of “Flipping Our Lids” and Training Self-Treatment


Written by Cait, RSEI Educator | Revealed September 3rd, 2021

As we start off the university calendar year, some of us could be emotion confused presently. It’s no top secret that it has been a stressful time. From in-individual instructing and digital training, there have been quite a few ups and downs. A good deal of anxiety has been set on educators and youth-serving grown ups to believe outdoors the box to reach pupils and continue on teaching in an unpredictable atmosphere. Acknowledging all of this is essential, simply because some of us may possibly be experience points within that we cannot really title or specific. This may possibly guide to burnout or exhibit up in other areas of our life. It can be tricky to display up for our students or the youth that we function with when we are emotion overwhelmed or pressured.

So how do we process and just take treatment of ourselves to be able to show up in our roles as youth-serving grownups? It can be practical to “name it to tame it”. Let us take a look at what this signifies. With the assistance of Dr. Daniel Siegel, let us check out what may be happening inside our brains. He has designed a valuable hand design to demonstrate how our brain functions, in easy terms. We can even use this design to demonstrate to the youth in our life how to stay clear of “flipping our lids” when we get pressured or overwhelmed.

To use the hand design, photo a hand or use your individual hand. Experience a flat hand forward. The hand represents our brain. The wrist represents the spinal wire. The middle element of the flat hand is the mind stem. This is the section that controls basic features like digestion, sleep, the pieces that control our bodies. Now, if you fold your thumb in excess of, that represents the Limbic locations or the “downstairs or emotional brain”.  Up coming, fold about your fingers on top rated of your thumb. This represents the Neo Cortex or the “thinking or upstairs brain”. This “handy” product displays us in very simple phrases, our mind.

Why is this important? Perfectly, when we are stressed or confused, our psychological mind takes around. This is the part exactly where the thumb is or the “downstairs brain”. It is complicated to control the feelings that we are experience, without having that top part or “upstairs brain” supporting out to make feeling of the “downstairs brain”. What we are still left with is impulsive feelings with out thinking or regulating. It can be referred to as “flipping our lid” due to the fact those people prime fingers have flipped up and are no for a longer period working at the instant. 

How can we deliver all those top rated fingers back down to enable control and process those people emotions we’re experience in the “downstairs brain”? It can assist to name the feelings we’re emotion. To put terms to those people feelings can help slowly provide those people fingers back again down to assist method and make sense of what our thoughts are telling us. Producing in a journal, naming the thoughts that we are possessing can be a excellent begin. Only crafting “I feel…” adopted by an emotional term. Often, just by naming what we are sensation, we can uncover that individuals thoughts don’t have as a great deal electric power over us, and we can start out taking additional handle in excess of our feelings. Ordinarily, when we hear about “self-care”, it is in conditions of bubble baths or yoga, and when all those can be great ways to get care of ourselves, undertaking the get the job done to look at in on how we’re emotion can be a sort of self-treatment as properly. Recall the adage “you just cannot pour from an empty cup”. Check out refilling your cup as you enter this school yr!

Chatting with the youth we perform with, explaining to them how the mind will work and how to “name it to tame it” when they could come to feel like they may possibly “flip their lid” can be beneficial. Locating techniques to aid youth locate the language for the thoughts they may possibly be feeling can assist them to regulate as effectively. Starting off the faculty calendar year with compassion for ourselves and for the youth we work with, can enable product this for our learners and create the techniques to assist us all display up in the approaches we have to have.  

In this article are 3 ways to support offer with pressure and stay away from “flipping our lids”. It can be useful to share this with the youth you work with as very well!

  1. Know how the mind operates. Employing the hand product, to recognize the methods in which the upstairs mind can disconnect from the downstairs brain in periods of worry and to identify real threat from perceived risk. For instance, if a lion is charging at you, it’s okay for the higher brain to disconnect for survival! But if the perceived danger is a rude remark, it can be beneficial to have that upstairs mind engaged to deal rationally in the instant.
  2. Concentration on respiration. It may perhaps seem to be very simple, but it can assist sluggish down the reaction in the human body and steer clear of the upstairs brain from disconnecting.
  3. “Name it to tame it.” This engages the upstairs mind by giving a name to the emotion that you are sensation. Come to feel the experience, name what that experience is, “I’m feeling angry”, then establish what induced that feeling. By thinking and naming the emotion, it can help us stage away from that sensation and calm our method down to have interaction the upstairs brain, creating it fewer probable that we will respond and flip our lid.

Ideally, this helps you all in remembering to consider care of your self this university calendar year and provides you a couple of resources to do so. Sense free of charge to share these applications with the young individuals you operate with! To master much more about the hand design and how to “name it to tame it” verify out the means below!



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