Jacketed plug valve suppliers in UAE

Middleeast valve is one of the best  Jacketed plug valve suppliers in UAE. We supply to cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman.

A jacketed plug valve consists of a main valve body with a hollow cavity or jacket surrounding it. This jacket can be used to circulate a heating or cooling medium, such as steam or cold water, which helps in maintaining the temperature of the fluid flowing through the valve.

The primary function of a jacketed plug valve is to control the flow of fluids through pipelines. It can be used to start, stop, or regulate the flow of liquids or gases. The jacket surrounding the valve body serves the purpose of temperature control. In processes where the fluid might be sensitive to temperature changes, maintaining a specific temperature is crucial. The jacket helps in achieving this by providing a barrier between the fluid and the external environment, allowing for efficient heating or cooling.

The working principle of a jacketed plug valve is similar to that of a conventional plug valve. The valve consists of a cylindrical or tapered plug that can be rotated to control the flow of the fluid. When the plug is turned perpendicular to the flow direction, the valve is closed, blocking the fluid flow. When the plug is rotated parallel to the flow direction, the valve is open, allowing the fluid to pass through.

The jacketed design adds an extra layer around the valve body, which allows for the circulation of a temperature-regulating medium. For instance, if the fluid inside the valve needs to be heated, steam can be circulated through the jacket, transferring heat to the fluid and maintaining the desired temperature. Similarly, if cooling is required, cold water or another cooling medium can be circulated.

Suppliers of Jacketed Plug Valve in the UAE offer solutions that serve the dual functions of regulating fluid flow and maintaining optimal temperature in industrial processes. This ensures a steady fluid temperature, thereby averting any unwelcome reactions or disruptions in the manufacturing process, while also enabling operators to customize and manage the flow according to their requirements.


Available material: Cast Carbon steel plug valve (WCC, WCB, WC6), Stainless Steel plug valve [SS316, SS304, SS316L, SS904L, CF8, CF8M, F31L, F91], DUPLEX STEEL and Super duplex Steel plug valve (F51, F53, F55), Cast iron, Ductile Iron.

Class: 150-2500; PN 10 – PN 450

Size: 1/2”- 48”.

Operations: Lever actuated, electric actuated , pneumatic actuated , gear actuated

Ends: Flanged, butt weld, socket weld, threaded

Parts of jacketed plug valve:

ØEye Bolt



ØActuator Stem

ØScale Plate

ØStem Connector


ØPacking Flange

ØGland Packing

ØValve Stem


ØGuide Ring

ØValve Plug

ØSeat Ring

ØValve Body


Advantages of jacketed plug valve:

ØCost effective

ØQuick Operation

ØCan be used in high temperature as well as high pressure operations

ØEasy installation

ØThey come in simple design

Industries which use them:

ØChemical Industry.

ØOil and Gas Industry.

ØPetrochemical Industry.

ØEnergy Industry.

ØWaste water treatment.

Applications of jacketed plug valve:

ØOil piping systems.

ØHandling low-pressure, low-temperature services.

ØPlug valves may be used to control the flow of slurries and other liquids containing suspended solids.

ØNatural gas piping systems.  

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