Kalsubai Trek : Best time to visit and Complete itinerary


Does it cross your mind at times that you would like to escape the noisy streets and move towards nature? Then one should definitely make a choice for trekking at the Kalsubai in Maharashtra, India. Perched in the western ghats of Maharashtra, Kalsubai is the loftiest summit that one can ever undertake a hike on! We will discuss in this article when is the most appropriate time to pay a visit to Kalsubai mountain while suggesting an itinerary for your trek uphill.


The Best Time to Visit Kalsubai:


Once we address when to visit Kalsubai trek, then we can move onto the details of the trek. The Western Ghats, where Kalsubai is situated, experiences distinct seasons:


1. Monsoon (June to September):

 There are some of the waterfalls that are available for you during this monsoon season, making it one of the best times to trek around in Thailand. Nevertheless, the way is slippery and difficult because of a lot of rain. This is a treacherous time for trekkers.


2. Post-Monsoon (October to November):

 Kalsubai is regarded as one of the best times to visit this. It has a conducive climatic condition as well as lush vegetation which is good for hiking.


3. Winter (December to February):

 The trekking experience is also different during winters. Although the weather is cold, the sight is clear. A good time for photographers and people who like cold weather.


4. Pre-Monsoon (March to May):

 It is the spring season and summer begins in this period. Though the trek may be slightly more challenging because of the high temperature, it’s still a great time to visit especially in case one wishes to avoid massive crowds.

Complete Itinerary for Kalsubai Trek:


Now, let’s break down the complete itinerary for your Kalsubai trek:


Day 1: Departure


Morning: First and foremost, start your trip from Mumbai or Pune, two major cities near the base village- Kalsubai, Bari.


Afternoon: Reach a village called Bari, an approximate distance of 165 kilometres from Mumbai and 200 kilometres from Pune cities. Start your journey by having a typical Maharashtrian lunch.


Evening: Spend a restful night at Bari village where you can either camp, or stay in different local homestays ready to start the following day early.


Day 2: The Trek


Morning: Make sure you wake up early in the morning, and set off in their trail. This hike starts with a gentle uphill walk through lovely scenery.


Mid-Morning: The path will have rocks and also steep slopes as you advance. It is not easy though the journey leads to beautiful and amazing vistas.


Afternoon: Get to the top, do not miss out on ringing the temple bell which is the trekkers’ usual ritual. A picnic with an excellent view whilst having a packed lunch.


Late Afternoon: Make a descent for Bari village. The uphill journey can be quite demanding as you are descending. So do not rush or make your journey in a hurry.


Day 2 (Continued): The Return


Evening: Then reach that of the base village of it, and take a rest thereon. Alternatively, you can take your camping gear and spend another night under the starry African sky or you could take your leave of Africa and head back to Mumbai or Pune depending on your schedule and desires.


Day 3: Return Journey


Morning: You may find it nice to experience the local culture if you stay overnight in Barri village and have breakfast there as well. On your way back to the city, begin your journey.


Afternoon: This will take you back to Mumbai and Pune.




A true adventure for nature lovers, trekking and even photographers should try Kalsubai Trek. As for when to visit, Kalsubai depends on one’s preferences since every season presents its own peculiar characteristic. Ensure you check on the weather prediction and consult seasoned trekkers before making any trip.


This trek is not only about getting to the top but also communing with nature, living local culture and pushing your bounds. The trekking experience in the Western Ghats in the Kalsubai region is one you will never forget if you are already an expert at it or new at it.

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