Lg tv hotstar com

How to Activate lg-tv.hotstar.com

LG TV owners often seek seamless access to various streaming platforms, and Hotstar is among the most sought-after. The integration of lg-tv.hotstar.com brings an array of entertainment directly to LG screens. Activating this service requires a few simple steps, ensuring a hassle-free streaming experience.

Activation Process for lg-tv.hotstar.com

Significance of Activation

Activating lg-tv.hotstar.com is pivotal to accessing Hotstar’s content library on an LG TV. It grants users the ability to explore and stream their favorite shows seamlessly.

Steps for Activation

The activation process involves simple steps:

Accessing the Hotstar App: Locate and open the Hotstar app on your LG TV.

Generating Activation Code: Navigate to the “My Account” section to generate the activation code.

Visit lg-tv.hotstar.com: Using a web browser on a computer or mobile device, visit lg-tv.hotstar.com.

Enter Activation Code: Input the activation code displayed on the TV screen. Visit the lg-tv.hotstar.com from your browser. 

Confirmation: Confirm the activation on both the TV and the browser.

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