LGBTQ+ Media Representation Helps make a Change


By Sofia Garcia (she/her), 17, Employees Writer

June 23, 2022

I’ll in no way fail to remember the 1st time I observed a exact same-intercourse pair in a film. As a questioning eighth-grader, it felt groundbreaking to look at two ladies fall in like onscreen the very same way that I had usually viewed heterosexual partners slide in really like.

This experience of getting seen and valued is why I adore media like films, textbooks and Television set reveals. These tales allow us to realize each other and see ourselves in characters’experiences. Without a doubt, illustration is an impactful way to support underrepresented teams experience viewed.

In celebration of Satisfaction Month, I questioned teens about their most loved media—movies, Tv exhibits, guides, etc.—that depict optimistic and correct illustration of LGBTQ+ individuals and experiences. I also asked them to talk about what it is like to truly feel represented. I learned a great deal, including how considerably Heartstopper has produced an affect!

Why Representation Matters

“Being represented makes me experience viewed and ‘normal,’ if you will. It reminds me that who I am is Okay and that even if not every person accepts it, I really don’t have to hide myself.”
–Jay, 16, Lawrenceville, NJ

“It’s vital to see myself in media. Obtaining individuals to glimpse up to and relate to can make me feel much less by itself.”
–Josephine, 17, Camden, DE

“It feels superior to see characters in a show or film who are like me. When I see reveals or flicks with figures who determine like I do, it would make me incredibly pleased, particularly when they are shown in a beneficial mild.”
–Sarah, 19, Burlington, VT

“Growing up, I would skip via exhibits just seeking to discover an ounce of representation. I see so quite a few joyful straight partners in exhibits and I just desired to see happy exact same-sex couples, also. Currently being represented makes me feel noticed.”
–Jessica, 17, Lawrenceville, NJ

“Being represented is so significant since I and a lot of other people could be provided with diverse part styles that do not boost a singular blueprint for what a man or woman ‘should’ be.”
–Ash, 16, Camden, DE

“[Representation] issues simply because I get to see unique approaches that I as a queer female can transfer about the entire world. Looking at different methods that men and women like me can are living is really particular. It helps make me feel viewed in a modern society where my ordeals are usually not prioritized.”
–Yale, 18, Oak Park, CA

“If I experienced not had that representation, I do not know how lengthy it would’ve taken me to arrive to phrases with my identity. I assume it’s vital for very good illustration to carry on so queer youth can have that constructive affect.”
–Jordan, 19, Lawrence, NJ

What media examples positively symbolize LGBTQ+ ordeals for you?

The Owl Household is undoubtedly my first alternative. A person of the characters, Raine, is nonbinary and the demonstrate does not make a large deal about it. It’s not like, ‘Oh my gosh, you are nonbinary?!’ It’s just, ‘OK, this is Raine and they’re my buddy.’ It’s not some major crazy factor, it’s just typical. I like currently being equipped to see that, it tends to make me actually happy.”
–Jay, 16, Lawrenceville, NJ

“I liked looking at Pose. It takes place during the HIV/AIDS epidemic in NYC when the ballroom scene was substantial. It follows a bunch of LGBTQ+ people, typically transgender people, and how they deal with discrimination and with HIV/AIDS.”
–Sarah, 19, Burlington, VT

Love, Victor on Hulu. It concentrated on a Latino boy who will come out to his relatives. Throughout the story the spouse and children goes via ups and downs with accepting who he is or much more so comprehension it. I discover it to be extremely relatable. There are not lots of exhibits that exhibit the LGBTQ+ neighborhood in just POC (people today of coloration) cultures.”
–Jessica, 17, Lawrenceville, NJ

Gideon the Ninth positively represents queer ordeals by cementing queer interactions at the centre of the novel. The e book wouldn’t function without the queer associations that are in it. It’s penned by a lesbian, which is tremendous interesting.”
–Yale, 18, Oak Park, CA

Massive Mouth and Sex Education and learning are two exhibits that not only properly represent the LGBTQIA+ knowledge but also put it in a way that highlights some of the struggles as perfectly as successes.”
–Blake, 16, Lawrenceville, NJ

Adore, Simon was the very first LGBTQ+ movie that I at any time viewed, which influenced me to come out about a calendar year afterwards! I’d also say Stranger Items did a definitely incredible work with how they wrote Robin and her coming out story. And the online video video game The Final of Us character Ellie, much too!! It usually means a ton to me :).”
– Jamie, 17, Lawrenceville, NJ

At last, lots of love for Heartstopper

Heartstopper, more explicitly the comics, is this kind of good LGBTQ+ illustration. There are trans, lesbian, bisexual and homosexual key characters. They are portrayed in healthful interactions with problems in addition to just coming out and homophobia. (But these are also portrayed incredibly perfectly.)”
–Ash, 16, Camden, DE

“One of the types I’ve viewed with the most correct/beneficial illustration is Heartstopper, the two the comics and the demonstrate. Nick’s internal struggle exhibits that it’s Ok to not know and determine it out as you go. It also aided clearly show that you don’t have to make sure you other individuals to healthy in.”
–Amalie, 17, Lawrenceville, NJ

“The Netflix exhibit Heartstopper did an astounding work of demonstrating LGBTQ+ people in a good light….I appreciate the show so a lot that I’ve been hoping to get the graphic novels that it’s centered on, but the very first volume is marketed out everywhere you go.”
–Sarah, 19, Burlington, VT

Heartstopper I really feel is intended for us. Queer people aren’t made side people or caricatures or stereotypes. It is simply just the story of really like involving two boys. It does not make you dig to locate a little something to relate to, it is there and it is fantastic.”
–Josephine, 17, Camden, DE

“One of my new current most loved reveals has to be Heartstopper. Most shows that have LGBTQ+ representation are likely to focus on how tough staying component of that group can be. While they are not completely wrong, at times it is just great to check out a lovable minimal mushy love tale.”
–Jessica, 17, Lawrenceville, NJ


Photograph by Shingi Rice on Unsplash


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