Love Underneath Her Moon – An Erotic Tale


Sadie collapsed on to the plush like seat, fatigued. Marissa looked amused at her. 

“Why the hell does the drive below put on me out so substantially? It is not even two several hours long.” She tried using to laugh out her disappointment, but tiredness overtook.

She attempted to release the remainder of the strain by working her palms through her thick, black hair. She shook it out, as if releasing pent-up worry by way of the prime of her head.

“A few yrs in the past,” she whined, “I could push ten several hours and still be prepared to go. Is there a little something improper with me? Or am I just having previous?”

The temperature in the downtown condominium was amazing, a awesome distinction from her compact vehicle, which the sun experienced turned into a makeshift greenhouse in the course of the vacation. Marissa’s household experienced become a haven of rest for Sadie on her various outings to the city. Marissa had a modern-day, posh condominium with a minimalist layout flare. A Turkish location rug experienced an intricate design and style to contrast the simplicity of the place. Ground-to-ceiling windows available a skyline look at of the metropolis lights. 

In the awesome condominium, she slipped off her sling-back again heels and tucked her ft concerning two sofa cushions. Then she scrunched herself against the toss pillows. 

Marissa returned to the home and handed Sadie a glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc. She then sat on the sofa.

“You’ve obtained so much heading on, Sadie, with this time-consuming lecture sequence you’re in, and your career, a micro-manager for a boss. It all provides up to make a rapid vacation below tiring.” 

Marissa sat on the couch by Sadie and sipped her wine. “So please really feel totally free to rest and take it easy tonight. Really don’t do nearly anything apart from drink the complete bottle. I’ve got numerous stocked up as well. Various kinds, all your choice.” 

Sadie patted Marissa’s knee. “Thank you. This is truly just what I wanted.” 

She took a lengthy consume of the dry white wine. “I never ever dreamed this much function would be piled on my plate. And it doesn’t stop. I can barely get through it. And the aggravation! My god, the frustration that arrives with managing people today who really do not seriously care about their positions or the business.” 

Marissa shook her head at the lady subsequent to her. “You do want a split. I have been by it just before much too. But when you get your footing, your functions in area, even give some force-back again in opposition to that boss of yours, things will simplicity up.” 

“I’m not guaranteed.” 

“There is light out there.” 

Sadie huffed. “If you say so.” 

“Change into something at ease,” Marissa prompt. “Get out of that business enterprise outfit. Tonight is our night time to veg out, binge-watch Tv. Probably do anything else, if we imagine of everything.” 

“Wine does enable me chill out, I guess. But I can just take what ever I can get these times.” 

“Well, I instructed you about all the wine I have, if you require anything more difficult, I have received it.” 

Sadie changed from her darkish gown and blazer to a light T-shirt and at ease pajama shorts. 

Marissa and Sadie resettled in entrance of the significant-display screen Tv where by they lay under the fuzzy blankets, squeezing the toss pillows in the course of tense gun-shot scenes and hugging them in the course of scenes of romance and gentle lovemaking. 

A handful of eyeglasses later, the wine had lightened up the two females. In reality, Sadie had shrugged off her tension and experienced fallen asleep just before the motion picture finished. Laying awkwardly on the couch, Marissa decided to information her to the guest bed room. 

“Sadie, Sadie,” she reported, like a mother to her young kid, “time to get up and go to bed.” 

Sadie’s eyelids have been large. “I’m awake. I’m… I have been looking at the motion picture,” she mumbled. 

“Let’s go, stand up.” She shook her shoulder.

“Is there film over? That finished fast…” Sadie attempted to sound, convincingly, like she had been awake. But her mumbling and drained experience discovered if not. 

“Come with me,” Marissa said, keeping again her snicker. 

“I can make it to bed. I’m alright.” 

Marissa guided her good friend out of the residing area and into the guest bedroom, still keeping back a giggle at viewing Sadie in this worn out stupor. 

Marissa threw back again the blanket and then the bedsheet. 

“Lovely sheets,” Sadie mumbled, “…so flat. Do you make your mattress every working day?” 

“Just lay down.” 

“I simply cannot sleep with this shirt on. It’s far too hot. It’ll twist and hassle me.” Whilst talking, Sadie shimmied it around her head. Marissa aided when it snagged on her elbow. 

Marissa recognized a collection of modest, simple tattoos on the facet of Sadie’s torso. Every tattoo was a phase of the moon—from waxing to waning, centered by the entire moon. 

Sadie acknowledged Marissa’s attention shift from placing her to bed to her tattoo. 

“Like my tattoo?” Sadie giggled tiredly. 

“I did not know you had any tattoos. This moon, it is so you.” 

“I acquired it in Los Angeles. It is been beside me ever due to the fact.” 

Marissa shook her head at the sleepy wit. She drew her finger in excess of the whole moon on the intimate flesh apart Sadie’s still left breast. 

Sadie touched Marissa’s hand. “Want to see my other tattoo?” 

“Another a person?” 

Sadie pulled Marissa’s hand down to her hip. She stretched opened her pajama shorts and moved Marissa’s hand inside, just under her bellybutton. The pores and skin was heat and fleshy.

All of a sudden, Marissa stopped as did Sadie. It was the minute when the night time could give way to a flood.

The two gals had worked with each other for numerous yrs and held in touch with each other afterward. When they 1st satisfied, there was a fast, speedy spark involving them. Friendship initial, but a hint of attraction for the other remained, however buried quite deeply as other things had priority. They had place it apart as get the job done and everyday living overshadowed that spark as perfectly as anything else. 

In this moment though, Marissa pushed a minimal even further than at any time ahead of. She whispered into Sadie’s ear carefully. “I simply cannot see your tattoo when these shorts are on.” 

Sadie turned toward her pal. “Take them off. I will not end you. I would never, ever end you,” Sadie answered delicately. 

Marissa slid her other hand into the pajamas just underneath the waistband and took them down. She permit her cheek glide down Sadie’s again until finally she felt the roundness of Sadie’s ass. 

The sudden amazing air built Sadie shiver and pushed her to her tiptoes. Her nipples hardened in the chill. 

Marissa stood. Her mouth was watering. 

“Where’s the other tattoo?” she questioned. 

Sadie turned towards her, leaning towards the mattress. “Touch me, and I’ll tell you if you’re shut.” 

Marissa dragged her finger as a result of Sadie’s deep cleavage. 


Marissa drew her finger down her stomach. 

“Still cold.” 

Her fingernail arrived to the line in Sadie’s midsection where her panties established. 


Marissa moved her finger to the suitable. 

“Getting cold.” 

She moved still left. 

“Warmer, of course.” 

Marissa touched Sadie’s hip. 

“That feels good.” 

“Am I sizzling right here?” 

“Yes, oh of course, you are.” 

Although Marissa was imagining of the tattoo on Sadie’s entire body, Sadie expectedly tilted ahead and satisfied Marissa like in no way ahead of, placing her lips on hers. Their kiss lasted, as did their embrace. This buried wish among them broke through to the surface, coming into the light-weight.

Breaking the kiss, Sadie lifted off Marissa’s shirt. Her breasts were being mild and cupped in a black demi-bra that contrasted with her fair pores and skin. Sadie slipped a strap off one particular shoulder. Marissa slipped off the other strap and unclasped the bra. Sadie fell into her breasts. Her mouth protected 1 of Marissa’s tits and her hand caressed the other. Sadie then placed her lips all over Marissa’s breasts. She attended to all the delicate flesh. 

“Sadie, yes, this is… just what I required.” She tucked a tress of Sadie’s dark hair behind a compact ear. 

Marissa basked in the consideration. She savored what she had, in truth, been captivated to. She often had been amazed with Sadie’s whole lips that she could pout so properly. When toying with males at bars and organization conferences, she could capture and maintain their consideration with these lips. At the very same time, when she toyed with individuals salivating males, she was basically nurturing the deep-seated longing within Marissa. Watching those evenings, Marissa would squirm as her body heated up. 

In the bed room, Marissa eased Sadie on to her back again on the mattress. Sadie’s significant breasts swished close to when she toppled backward. Marissa begun to climb onto the mattress, but Sadie stopped her. 

“You haven’t discovered my other tattoo. Locate it initially.” 

But, not giving Marissa a opportunity to rethink her lookup sample, Sadie positioned Marissa’s hand on her easy skin just over her most delicate space. “Right there.” 

The tattoo was a lovely ladies set inside of a crescent moon holding Scorpio in her hand. 

Marissa kissed the tattoo. 

“Yes,” Sadie’s voice oozed, “feels very good.” Her voice had shifted from fatigued to a tone which was caught on a whirl of physical and ethereal sensations. “I’ve wished this. You never know.” 

Marissa climbed on the bed, silently, as if approaching prey. 

Marissa wore her predicted fragrance of wildflowers and sweetness. Sadie was manufactured at ease by the womanly perfume. The scent additional warmed Sadie. Marissa leaned down, teasingly. Sadie craned her neck to satisfy her lips. Her new lover’s kiss from before was not enough. Sadie pushed her entire body upward to push against Marissa and encourage her to come nearer. Marissa needed only a very little encouragement. 

Their tongues were twisting and participating in and exploring. Their bodies pressed alongside one another, rubbing and promptly grinding in their flaming need. Their hands ran all around each individual other. They ruffled the bed sheets and blankets. 

Sadie rolled Marissa on to her back again and kissed, going reduced and lower. Quickly, Sadie’s tongue was lapping at Marissa’s pussy and glossing her clit. Marissa’s overall body winced when the wide, pink tongue orbited the spot. It was smeared with Sadie’s saliva. Marissa murmured Sadie’s identify and inspired her on. 

Sadie found Marissa’s solution spot. She squealed. She grabbed Sadie’s thick hair to maintain her head in area. She was not heading to enable this mouth transfer anyplace else. Sadie felt the fingers keeping her hair tighten and tug. She worked her mouth more quickly and slid two fingers concerning the lips of the slippery cunt. With her tongue and driving fingers, Marissa’s murmurs remodeled into grunts. Her overall body shifted with each and every thrust and lick. 

“Don’t stop, retain heading, suitable there, you’re undertaking so great!” 

Marissa went abruptly silent. The excellent feeling had struck her in full power. 

Sadie rose to admire the girl who she had just led into the realm of pleasure. Marissa’s facial area winced and scrunched as the orgasm circulated through her entire body. 

She avoided talking, so Marissa could continue on to bask in pleasure. She laid down subsequent to her. All the wetness on her mouth and chin began to dry. She experienced her very own feeling of pleasure. Pleasing anyone else was a pleasure all its very own. Nonetheless, Sadie permit her fingers participate in and piddle evenly. It wasn’t extended before she felt the original onrush of her possess orgasm. 

The subsequent morning’s sunlight was vivid as a result of the sheen curtains. Sadie awoke to a sweet kiss from Marissa. 

“Thank you for very last evening,” she reported. “Wow, what a time.” 

“I was not anticipating it either when I got below.” 

“Any time prior to your to start with assembly right now?” Marissa requested. 

“About two several hours.” 

“That’s enough time.” She decreased herself to vanish amongst Sadie’s legs.


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