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Sexual intercourse is a attractive and personal act that provides folks alongside one another. Having said that, it can be not usually at ease for everyone included, no matter whether because of to harm or mobility restrictions and limits. But using sex pillow with some favourite sex positions makes it possible for for modifications for much more convenience and satisfaction, increasing the experience for equally companions associated.  

What’s more, intercourse pillows can be a excellent instrument for partners searching to attempt new positions or spice up their intercourse existence. These pillows can make experimenting with various angles, depths, and speeds a lot easier, making it possible for for a extra interesting and pleasurable knowledge. 

1. Missionary 

Missionary is a classic sexual intercourse place, and with the aid of a intercourse pillow, it can be even additional snug. Place the pillow beneath the getting partner’s hips to elevate them. The place lets for deeper penetration and a improved view of your partner’s face. 

1 of the key rewards of incorporating a sex pillow into the missionary situation is the included comfort and ease and assist it gives. Positioning the pillow under the obtaining partner’s hips elevates their pelvis, creating a far more comfortable angle for penetration for both companions. 

2. Doggy

Doggy design and style is a beloved posture a lot of partners appreciate in the bedroom. It gives a special blend of intimacy, pleasure, and visual stimulation. However, like any position, it can have its disadvantages. One frequent concern is the pressure it can put on the acquiring partner’s knees and wrists. Luckily for us, there is a basic solution to make this posture a lot additional relaxed – a sexual intercourse pillow. 

Positioning a sexual intercourse pillow under the receiving partner’s hips and stomach in Doggy fashion can make a planet of variance. By elevating the hips and supporting the tummy, the pillow can help to reduce stress on the knees and wrists, allowing the receiving spouse to enjoy the experience without soreness. 

3. Cowgirl/Cowboy

Cowgirl is a placement where the getting companion is on major, and blended with a intercourse pillow, it can choose enjoyment to new heights.  

The giving spouse should really lay on their back on the pillow, elevating their hips. This elevation makes it possible for for a distinct angle of penetration, which can assistance promote the G-place or prostate, and and supports some of the weight the spouse on major. It can result in a lot more powerful orgasms for both equally partners.  

4. Deep plunge

A deep plunge is like missionary placement but with both equally legs of the getting spouse elevated on the penetrating partner’s shoulders. With the support of a sex pillow, it can be even far more intense. Place the pillow under the obtaining partner’s hips to elevate them. The posture enables for deep penetration and a excellent see of your partner’s encounter. Commence with the getting associate lying on their back. The penetrating spouse then faces the obtaining associate. The getting husband or wife can carry their hips slightly, generating a all-natural angle for deeper penetration. 


Intercourse pillow positions are a recreation-changer for improving comfort and ease and pleasure through personal moments. These specially created pillows aid numerous overall body areas, letting deeper penetration, superior angles, and diminished strain. No matter whether a starter or a seasoned professional, experimenting with intercourse pillows can choose your sexual intercourse life to new heights. When experimenting with sex pillows, remember that all people is diverse, so what functions for just one human being may not get the job done for yet another. 


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