My Married Life Narrowly Escaped From Devastation

I was living a happy married life

Who doesn’t want to get love in life? Of course, everybody wants it. We all humans, despite massive differences, have one thing in common. And that is the fact that we all want to get love – unconditional love, care, and support. The same I need too – so much love. God seemed to hear my wishes as he sent Pankaj into my life. He is my beloved husband. He means a lot to me. I love everything about Pankaj. He is loving, responsible, and respectful. What I like the most about him is his supportive behaviour. He always helps me with my domestic chores including house cleaning, cooking, and dishwashing. Whenever I get bored, he knows very well how to bring a smile to my face. I love him more when he cracks jokes. Pankaj is a PHP Developer and works in a big Hotel in the IT department in Manali.

My past came back to hit me

It was a pleasant Monday morning. Pankaj has left home for the office. I was looking at the dirty fans in our hall and thinking of cleaning them ahead of our 3rd marriage anniversary. Just then I got a knock on the door. I am afraid Pankaj might have forgotten something. I hastily walked up the door. To my surprise at the threshold, there was a beautiful bouquet made of orchid flowers with a smiley attached to it. Without any second thought, I picked it up with excitement. I was grateful to God for giving me the best husband in this world who loves me more than anything else. The moment when my eyes fell on the message written on the sticker, I was shocked.“Hi… These beautiful flowers are for the most beautiful lady of this world ‘Kajal’. My love for you will last longer until the last day of my life” – Yours Surya. This was the message. What sent a shiver down my spine was not these lovely lines but it was the name “Kajal”.


A thing I never told my husband

My real name is Shivani Sharma. I used the “Kajal” name when I was a bar dancer in Manali. And Surya was my regular client. He was a powerful man of Manali. Without his permission, nobody can sell or purchase the properties in Manali. He had good connections in state politics. The moment he saw me, his mouth was left open in amazement. He was in love with me. He would come to my Manali Bar to meet me on the weekend. I remembered he had given me an iPhone 13 Pro as a gift on my Birthday. Maybe that was my tall height, glowing skin, and a heart-whelming smile that made him fall in one-sided love with me. Yes, I never loved him regardless of the fact he is a rich and dominant man of the city. His arrogant behaviour and short temperament told me that we can’t even be friends let alone lovers. But still, I served him because of my profession because that time money was the only thing that mattered to me. So, in spite of my reluctance, I chose to date him and made a handsome amount of money. 

Now my life has changed. I am leading a happy married life with Pankaj. It has been 2 successful years since we got married. We are looking forward to having our first baby. But now it seems like my happy married life has caught an evil eye. I realised that throwing the flowers into the dustbin could be the best thing to do. So, I crushed the bouquet and dumped all the flowers into the dustbin without any second thought, wishing nothing would happen.


I got blessing-in-disguise-like solution 

On the next day, I woke up with anxiety. Under my breath, I was wishing to God that I wouldn’t get any bouquet, gift, or anything else from Surya. His re-entry into my life can spoil my relationship with Pankaj because he didn’t know my past. I never told him what I used to do before marriage. I was desperately waiting for Pankaj to the office from home before Surya carried out any other misadventure of the day. As I expected, Pankaj gave me a goodbye kiss and left for the office. I was standing just behind the door waiting for a knock on the door but nothing happened. Even after waiting for 15 minutes, I did not hear a knock then I moved to the kitchen for cleaning. Just then there was a knock sound on the door and my heart sank with fear. With shaking hands, I opened the door and found my landlord who was angry at us for the delay in paying the rent. He asked us to make the payment and leave the room. Before leaving the room, he gave me a bouquet saying that it was lying on the threshold when he arrived. It was from Surya. This time he had sent a bouquet of Roses. I got scared thinking that it would never stop. Then an idea hit my mind.

I convinced Pankaj to shift somewhere else

I was waiting for Pankaj to come home. As soon as he came back, I passed on the landlord’s message to him. I exaggerated the issue and urged him not to leave anymore here. I requested him to go far from this area. When I told him that I also wanted to work he agreed. He liked the idea of living near any industrial area where we both could work and live a better life. Then without any further delay, we Googled out the available property for rent in Solan where a lot of industries are available. Within 4 days before our 3rd wedding anniversary we shifted to our new rented house in Solan meanwhile I kept receiving the flowers from Surya. My first day at my new home in Solan was like a breath of fresh air. Pankaj and I were quite satisfied with our decision. Pankaj got a job as a website developer within a week and then after a few days, I also got a job in a hotel as a receptionist. We both were in love with each other. I forgot Surya again.

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