New CBD sex shop won’t be a ‘den of sin’ – Herald Sun

New CBD sex shop won’t be a ‘den of sin’ – Herald Sun

New CBD Sex Shop Won’t be a ‘Den of Sin’ – Herald Sun

A sex shop is set to open in Melbourne’s CBD by the end of the year, signalling a refresh in the industry. However, the owner of the shop claims this store won’t be a ‘den of sin’.

In what is being labelled as a breakthrough moment in the industry, Lovehoney Australia has announced its plan to open a store in the heart of the city.

The Owners Perspective

Founded in 2002 in the U.K., Lovehoney are described by owner Richard Longhurst as “an accessible, modern sex and relationships brand.” Longhurst informed the Herald Sun that their upcoming store in Melbourne would be “welcoming, safe and informative.” He said:

“Where once sex shops were a source of embarrassment and stigma, we want our stores to be places of celebration and fun. We are extremely passionate about making sure our stores and websites provide a safe, informed environment for customers to explore their interests.”

A Groundbreaking Refresh

This is an unprecedented move as no other large scale sex shop has been able to gain traction and open in such a prominent area of a major city. This shift in the industry opens up a space for the conversation about sex to become more inclusive and accessible for a greater demographic.

Among other things, Lovehoney have made the following pledges to ensure their new store has the impact it is striving for:

  • Staff will be trained on the topics of consent and diversity.
  • The products will be modern, empowering and tailored to individual needs.
  • The store will provide a safe place for people for ‘education and exploration’.
  • Staff will have a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination.

It’s clear to see that the Lovehoney team is making an effort to ensure their store will add to the vibrancy of the CBD in a positive way. In the words of Longhurst “We are passionate about ensuring everyone can express themselves and discuss sexual needs, wants and interests with our team in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.”

What remains to be seen is whether this radical move will continue to be successful and be met with a positive response from the public. Ultimately, we can only look on with anticipation and wait and see how Lovehoney’s plan unfolds.

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