New Data-Driven Solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Clinical Industry

HighRun DataScience, a leading provider of data science solutions, has recently announced the launch of a new suite of services for the pharmaceutical and clinical industry, including clinical trial design, data analysis and data interpretation. The new services will help pharmaceutical companies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their clinical trials, commercialize drugs, track sales trends and identify customer segments.


The pharmaceutical and clinical industries rely heavily on data-driven decision making. Statistical services are used to evaluate the effectiveness of drugs and treatments. In addition, statistical methods are applied in the development of new drugs. Pharmaceutical companies utilize statistical techniques to select drug candidates and determine appropriate dosages. In summary, statistics plays an important role in the pharmaceutical and clinical fields.


HighRun DataScience now provides a range of statistical services to global clients, including clinical trial design, data analysis, and data interpretation. Its professional team can provide advanced statistical software and technologies to offer a variety of high-quality services to meet customers’ unique requirements. In addition, the services also help pharmaceutical companies obtain approval from relevant regulatory agencies.


For example, HighRun DataScience supports dosage and formulation improvement. Statistical analysis of clinical drug trial data is essential to identify potential drug interactions and adverse reactions. HighRun DataScience can help clients to improve the dosage and formulation of drugs. Through the analysis, clients can adjust the dosage and formulation of their drugs before they go to market, avoiding potential safety issues.


As for drug commercialization, HighRun DataScience’s statistical and data science techniques can assist clients in making decisions about the commercialization of their drugs. These services advise clients on whether to launch a drug based on the current situation and historical trends of similar drugs.


Patients and clinical trials are two key factors in the clinical industry. With HighRun DataScience’s statistical methods, patient data can be analyzed accurately and comprehensively. As a result, trends and patterns in patient outcomes can be identified. In addition, HighRun DataScience can support customers in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trials.


HighRun DataScience offers a comprehensive range of statistical services to support clinical trials and research studies, including Statistical Analysis Plans (to meet the requirements of the clinical trials and research studies), Sample Size Calculation (reliable and accurate sample size calculation methods), Randomization & Blinding, Data Management and Quality Control, and Statistical Analysis and Interpretation (advanced data interpretation technologies).


Statistics and data science are widely used in the pharmaceutical and clinical fields. For more information on the new data science services, please visit


About HighRun DataScience


HighRun DataScience is a leading data science solutions provider based in the USA. The company offers a variety of products and services for businesses of all sizes, including data analysis, modeling, and strategy consulting, with a broad client base in industries such as pharmaceutical and clinical, finance, and retail.

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