Predict how fast your home will sell by looking for these signs

Welcoming a fresh start in your life always comes with some challenges. Moving to a new home – as exciting and promising as new things are – is never easy. And if you have a house that’s hard to sell, it might make the transition period even longer. This can be frustrating when you want to move on with your life because it’s hard to plan with having a house as an anchor, holding you back. 

So in order to stop your house from becoming an obstacle in your life, look for hints indicating how your house will do on the market. You don’t need shady fortune teller services to navigate the “signs” and have a hunch about whether your house will sell fast, or you need to get ready for a bumpier ride. While nobody can predict exactly how your house will stand its ground on the real estate market, a few signs can help you get an idea of how things will go. 


In this article, we are going to explore the signs that will help you to prepare for the selling process. Knowing what sells and what doesn’t can be crucial in shortening the time spent trying to sell your house. Being able to distinguish between the signs of a serious home buyer, and the sign of one who’s just shopping around might also be on your radar. So, let’s see what sells a house fast!

The price of your house is determined appropriately

The right pricing for a house is the crucial first step that can determine if the selling process will be fast or if it will take longer. The chances of selling the home fast are higher if the price is correctly set. Sometimes homeowners lack the real estate knowledge to determine the right asking price. Also, many people tend to stay attached to their property, unable to see its weaknesses. These things might contribute to overpricing; overpriced properties usually stay on the market longer. However, if the price of a house is determined correctly, it has the ability to attract more potential buyers. So, determining a reasonable price for a house counts as a strategic move and a sign that it will sell faster. If you need help determining what your house is worth in the current real estate market, ask for the help of a real estate agent or opt for appraisal services. 

You are willing to negotiate

The correct price is very important, but so is your flexibility and willingness to negotiate. Sometimes a fast sale is determined by the buyer-seller relationship. Managing to communicate openly and clearly about issues and making an effort to make it work for both parties eases the buyer and seller process. Communicating transparently and offering a reasonable price to compensate for things missing or reparations might sell the house faster.

Your house shows signs of good maintenance 

Preparing to sell your house you might ask, how perfect does your house have to be to sell? Well, If your house’s appearance is neat and shows signs of maintenance, it might appear more appealing to potential customers. These signs show buyers that the house has been cherished and cared for. A buyer interested in purchasing the property might be looking for those signs to ensure that he/she can trust the home’s safety. A home that has been cared for invokes feelings of trustworthiness and security. Houses that look neglected or have obvious flaws tend to linger on the market for longer. Most buyers are attracted to houses that don’t have major issues. Also, a well-kept property stands out more in photos, catching the eye of more potential buyers.   

There are no major issues to fix

What to fix and what not to fix when selling a house can be hard to determine, and it’s always a matter of personal choice too. Still, in order to sell a house fast, some issues shouldn’t be ignored. An old, broken roof or structural issues not only look bad in photos but also significantly decrease a home’s value. These things are sometimes safety hazards that make it very hard to attract buyers. Unless they have the means to repair it sufficiently easily, not many people want to spend money on a property that needs serious renovations. Repairing those issues adds value and increases the price of a home. In the descriptions, for instance, it can be stated that the roof has just been replaced to point it out to future buyers. 

Your house boasts popular features

Some homes have been born lucky: they have everything buyers are craving: excellent location, great views, natural light, amazing gardens, cozy balconies, etc. These homes naturally sell faster. Still, if those features are not pointed out to the buyer, they might go unnoticed. And what’s more sad than talent wasted? Make sure to appreciate these values and mention them in descriptions. It’s also important to highlight them when showing the house. Working with a real estate agent makes this part easier, as they know all these features and can set the price of the home considering them. They can also market the house by highlighting the value of these features in an appropriate way. 

Your house has sharp looks

A house’s charm plays a pivotal role in a quick sale. Its exterior and interior directly shape the initial impression of potential buyers. Curb appeal, for instance, forms this impression even before they set foot in the interior. A meticulously maintained exterior, coupled with a pinch of landscaping and a welcoming entryway weaves an immediate tapestry of positivity. The esthetic appeal is powerful if it extends to the interior as well, strengthening the impression of a home that’s ready to move in. The promise of a delightful living experience can make for a powerful selling point, leading to closing the deal in a breeze.  


In today’s digitally driven market, staging and top-notch photos are key to fast sales. Images are the buyer’s first impressions online. Clear, well-lit photos have the power to showcase the property’s best features in the best way possible, grabbing the attention of potential buyers. Home staging can boost this by helping buyers imagine what it would be like to live there. Thoughtful staging reveals a home’s pros and makes it relatable. Good pictures and some staging can speed up sales by creating an emotional link in the buyer. It’s generally good if you can keep an eye on visual appearance because it influences marketability, leading to quicker sales. 


Many things play a role in the intricate world of selling houses fast. Selling a home quickly goes beyond the obvious appearances. It’s a blend of captivating images, smart staging, and highlighting the mix of features that create an irresistible appeal. Location, visual allure, modern amenities and the like all work together to speed up the sale. These elements combined constitute the signs and tokens of a fast-selling home, showcasing the property as a desirable option for buyers to picture their future life unfolding in them.


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