Private areas: two apparent causes why we need to teach right terminology


Understanding about the reproductive program is an essential section of a child’s ‘body science’ schooling, and the experience should really be very similar to learning about any other method. Just as we use the accurate terminology for the head and elbow, it is critical to educate kids the suitable names for entire body components, these types of as the vagina, vulva, testicles, penis, breasts, and buttocks.

There are a ton of ‘cute’ or ‘funny’ names made use of involving parents and their small children in area of genitals and other sections of the reproductive system. Though switching out the term penis for some thing like ‘doodle’ might make factors a minor significantly less uncomfortable for mothers and fathers and carers, incorrectly naming non-public components can be complicated and mail mixed messages to your baby.

Teaching suitable terminology contributes to the human body security and enhancement of a baby in two important approaches: 

Proper terminology provides children the self esteem to inquire inquiries and feel supported in learning about their overall body and human body safety 

Making use of ‘stand-in’ phrases for genitals can be complicated and send out a concept that these sections of the overall body are not all right to speak about. When a boy or girl desires to request queries about their physique, slang conditions can insert a layer of awkwardness, shame and shame.

Applying accurate terminology allows to educate the value of physique basic safety devoid of the confusion triggered by humiliation or shame your child will recognise their private sections are ‘private’, not mainly because there is anything at all ‘wrong’ about them, but because they are usually off-limits for other individuals to see and contact. 

Youngsters are much less probably to preserve sexual abuse a mystery and potentially much less likely to be a focus on of sexual abuse

Research implies that sexual abusers are considerably less likely to focus on knowledgeable youngsters. Working with appropriate terminology could enable to guard a boy or girl from sexual abuse in the pursuing approaches:

Moreover, teaching your youngster to use the accurate terminology indicates they are far more possible to report sexual abuse for the reason that:

  • when discovering the correct names for their reproductive anatomy and knowing procedures about touching and entire body security, children are a lot more possible to establish abuse or suspicious behaviour 
  • young children are a lot more probably to come to feel self-confident and cozy chatting to a dependable grownup about abuse and not be silenced by shame

Importantly, if your youngster commences to use incorrect terminology or ‘pet names’ when your spouse and children works by using appropriate terminology, this could be a warning that they are becoming groomed or abused.

Awkwardness about naming body sections correctly often will come from the guardian or carer rather than the youngster. Doing the job by this discomfort could imply thinking about why we are reluctant to use these conditions or studying about their significance in supporting our children’s body protection and enhancement. While applying suitable terminology will add to your child’s safety, it also encourages them to create a favourable marriage with their entire body and the self confidence to navigate the modifications of puberty. 

The human body is amazing and understanding about it is interesting. By naming body components correctly, you are encouraging good conversations about bodies and building a link with your baby. If you can speak about these points then you can talk about something!

Further looking at: 

  • for a stage-by-action information for moms and dads and carers on how to secure little ones from sexual abuse via personal entire body protection education and learning, we advise Entire body Basic safety Education and learning: a parents’ manual to safeguarding young ones from sexual abuse by Jayneen Sanders.
  • extra basic safety methods for mother and father are offered at
  • you can report probable on the web grooming or abuse through ThinkuKnow or get hold of your local law enforcement
  • if you are an adult who seasoned abuse as a child, you can simply call Blue Knot Helpline on 1300 657 380 or go to their web page


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