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Gregor Retihas, Author, Global Speaker and Anthropologist, had an explosive life, meeting God at 13 years old when he almost died, discovering that he was Transexual early and finding his soulmate, all led him to meet a personalized form of the Universe.  

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He covers challenging topics that include reincarnation and religion, cultural influences on love and sex from the beginning of time. From the beliefs of ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Celtic Druids, Hindus, Buddhists, Jewish Kabbalists to Jesus himself, this book is filled with research, philosophy and personal experience that have shaped Reti’s life!

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Some medieval art. Even if religious, I like them for being expressive and making me think about what kind of life our ancestors had. I detect oppression in this one, says Gregor.

 In his chapter entitled, Meeting My Soulmate & Our Past Lives, Reti writes about his vulnerability and lack of belief in Soulmates. But then everything changed after he dreamt about an angel who came to him with compassion, and he describes her physical features with clarity. So, when he met a woman at a charity function, he recognized her immediately and knew that she was his soulmate! He writes about how life-changing it was when he met Victoria, his soulmate who was a Kundalini Yoga teacher at a retreat in France.

Reti’s book is filled with his life’s successes, challenges, heartbreaks, and life lessons. It is raw and frank as he does not mince his words, but it brutally honest, especially about his ego!

In his chapter on Polarity: Soul Versus Ego, he describes a subconscious battle of two wolves inside himself, one is evil and the other is good. Here is a quote that clarifies his battle:

I was stuck for 25 years in the “Big Hole,” and honestly, I can’t use my previously successful Ego for anything today. It did use me, and it also made me sick. My insecurities created anxieties, and I disliked myself for being fake. My Ego disconnected me from reality and aliveness, and I had begun planning my suicide. Today I am 100% truthful even at the price of being perceived as weird, but I am free. Yet I can’t eliminate the negative polarity since it is a substantial part of this dualistic Universe.

Reti quotes many brilliant scholars to define Ego:

Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Whenever I climb, I am followed by a dog called ‘ego.’

What is “Ego”? There are plenty, and often contradictory, definitions. I use the Buddhist approach: Ego is the opposite. polarity of the soul, the harmful concept that creates the illusionary “I — Me — Mine,” separating the individual from the world. The ego can be detected when fear, self-importance, pride, or ignorance is present. Even though the ego is the negative side of our personality, it cannot be eliminated entirely, even if the title of this book indicates so. I don’t use Sigmund Freud’s definition of ego, a composition of the “superego” (judgmental, critical), the “id” (impulsive component, uncoordinated instincts) and the “ego” (realist, organizer, mediator, common sense). According to Joseph Campbell, the ego has not been successfully separated from Freud’s “id,” and so “the idea of developing away from our egos is not a pleasure but the reality principle.

I think my favorite chapter is on One World – Two Realities as Reti writes about the Yin and Yang of love and fear and how we identify our sexual energy. This chapter is filled with sexual social role assignment, courting dynamics, sexual desires – dislikes, seduction, arousal, and the arising dependencies when couples fall in love.

There is no topic that is off limits for Reti and whether his chapters on Polyamory and Open Relationships, Learning Bisexuality or Transgender are part of self-healing, it is a courageous book!

I found the chapter, 111 Days of Temptation, filled with lascivious experiences that some can only imagine in their wildest fantasies. This was followed by chapter 12 on Airport Sex and then the climax of chapters is entitled, Super Orgy, need I say more?

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He has also generously bestowed his book as part of the Loveology University Certified Love Coaching Curriculum.


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