Simple Way to Acquire a France Schengen Visa in London

Despite not being a part of the Schengen Area, British nationals are permitted 90 days of visa-free travel across Europe (Schengen states). On the other hand if you are not a citizen of the UK and you are planning to visit France than you will need a valid France Schengen Visa

Non-residents, including tourists and travellers currently in the United Kingdom on a visa cannot submit a visa application in the UK. Instead, they must apply for a visa at the appropriate visa centre in their home country.

If you plan to visit several Schengen countries including France and your stay in each country will be of equal length, in that case you must apply to the nation whose borders you will pass first when entering the Schengen region. However, you must hold UK residency permit in order to eligible to apply visa for France from UK.


Easiest Way to Get France Visa in UK

To obtain a France visa London, the easiest way is to utilize the services of a reputable visa agency such as VISA FOR FRANCE. Navigating the visa application process yourself can be challenging, but with the assistance of a professional agency, the procedure becomes easier and more streamlined. Your overall experience is made super simple by the experienced French visa agency London. Reason, they are familiar with the complexities of the visa application process and makes sure that all your required documents are in order.

By opting for visa assistance, you can benefit from the guidance and expertise of the professionals who are knowledgeable about the every aspect of visa application procedure. Ultimately increasing the possibility of a successful visa approval.


Simple Way to Acquire France Schengen Visa with VISA FOR FRANCE

In order to get a visa for France from UK, booking an appointment is the most important step. So, to make your visa application successful and help you get a FAST TRACK France visa appointment, their team ensures a smooth application process with their experience by following the below-mentioned simple steps:


  1. Complete the online visa for France form with all your required details, submit the form and pay the nominal fee to proceed further.

  2. One of their experts will get in touch with you, will ask you for your preferred date and time of appointment and will book an EXPRESS visa appointment for you which you will receive within a week.

  3. They will also guide you with the required documentation. Hence, you do not need to browse anywhere else to prepare your documents.

  4. Show up for your appointment on time and when you visit the France visa TLS centre, make sure you carry all your documents as discussed with them.

  5. Submit your biometric information including digital photo and your fingerprints as well as pay for your France visa fees.

  6. Wait for your France visa UK decision to be made.


Visa Application Documentation Requirements for UK Residents

You must fulfill the following France Visa Application UK requirements in terms of documents for your visa application and appointment to be approved.

  1. Passport – A passport that was issued no more than ten years ago has to be valid for three months after leaving France and must have blank pages for visa stamping. 

  2. Residency Permit – Residency permit issued in the UK which will be valid for three months after you come back from France.

  3. Photo – Two similar passport-size photos according to the France visa picture specifications.

  4. Medical Insurance – An emergency medical insurance that is acknowledged by France and covers the repatriation and emergency medical services of at least EUR 30.000.

  5. Hotel Booking – Provide all accommodation arrangements for your trip to France.

  6. Flight Booking – Proof of your reservation for round trip flight ticket. If you are not going to fly in that case provide other details like vehicle details such as registration and insurance or bus/train tickets.

  7. Bank Statement – A letter from the bank with your account statement, recent activities and the current account balance.


Documentation Requirement for Minors

  1. Birth Certificate

  2. Copies of passports of both parents.

  3. If the minor is travelling alone or without one of the parents, an authorization letter translated into English or French is required.

  4. If the application for France visa form UK for everyone was not submitted together, a copy of the France visa of parents who are accompanying the child.

  5. Financial documents of the parents.


Other Documents Requirement for UK Employees/ Self Employed/ Students


  1. Specific information regarding your salary, job start date, job title and approval of holidays.

  2. A recent letter including the most current copies of your company’s income tax return, VAT certificate, professional activity statement for the previous three months and business registration date. 

  3. A letter of enrolment describing the course type, attendance history and course details from a UK college or university.

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