Super Duplex Ball Valve Supplier in Guyana

South American Valve is the topmost Super Duplex Ball Valve Supplier in Guyana. A super duplex ball valve is a specialized type of ball valve crafted from super duplex stainless steel, an alloy known for its exceptional corrosion resistance, robust strength, and durability. This valve is engineered to meet the demands of challenging industrial sectors such as oil and gas, chemical processing, petrochemicals, and offshore operations. The operation of a super duplex ball valve involves a straightforward quarter-turn rotational motion to regulate fluid flow within a pipeline. Its core components include a hollow spherical ball with a central bore and a spherical seating surface. By rotating the ball, the bore can either align with the pipeline to permit fluid flow or be rotated to obstruct the passage, effectively closing off the flow.

South American Valve is a premier Super Duplex Ball Valve Supplier in Guyana. Specializing in the supply of high-quality valves, for a wide range of industrial applications.


·         Body

·         Ball

·         Seat

·         Stem

·         Actuator

·         Seal

·         Handle or lever

Advantages –

·         Corrosion Resistance

·         High Strength and Durability

·         Wide Temperature and Pressure Range

·         Minimal Leakage

·         Versatile Operation

·         Quick and Easy Operation

·         Reduced Pressure Drop


·         Oil and Gas

·         Chemical Processing

·         Marine and Offshore

·         Power Generation

·         Water and Wastewater Treatment

·         Mining and Minerals Processing

·         Petrochemical

Applications of Super Duplex Ball Valves:

·         Upstream exploration and production

·         Midstream transportation pipelines

·         Downstream refining

·         Petrochemical processes

·         Managing corrosive fluids

·         Chemical processing with aggressive chemicals

·         Marine systems in saltwater environments

·         Power plant feedwater systems

·         Water and wastewater treatment processes

·         Mining slurries and abrasive materials

·         Petrochemical unit operations


·         Body Material: Super Duplex Steel (F55, 5A).

·         Size: 1″ – 24″.

·         Class: 150 to 2500. PN25 – PN450.

·         Operations: Handwheel operated, Pneumatic actuated, Electric actuated, Gear operated.

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