Supporting Lebanon’s Recovery Efforts: How Atiqur Rahman’s Appeal Is Making a Difference

Lebanon has been facing a multitude of challenges in recent years, from economic crisis and political instability to the devastating explosion that rocked the capital city of Beirut. In light of this, there is an urgent need for support and aid to help rebuild and revitalize the country. Atiqur Rahman, Head of Development at Global Relief Trust (GRT), has launched a bold appeal to raise funds and provide crucial assistance towards Lebanon’s recovery efforts.

The situation in Lebanon is dire, with high inflation rates, widespread poverty, mass unemployment, and a crumbling healthcare system exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The explosion in August 2020 only added to these struggles, causing severe damage to homes, businesses, hospitals, and infrastructure. As per reports by UN agencies and other international organizations working on the ground in Lebanon, an estimated $350 million is needed for immediate emergency relief efforts.

In response to this pressing need for assistance in Lebanon, Atiqur Rahman launched GRT’s “Rebuild Beirut” campaign. This campaign aims to raise awareness about the ongoing crisis in Lebanon while also mobilizing individuals and organizations globally to contribute towards rebuilding impacted areas.

One way that Atiqur Rahman’s appeal is making a difference is through its emphasis on providing long-term sustainable solutions rather than just short-term aid. While immediate relief efforts such as food distribution are necessary during times of crisis like this one; they can only address symptoms rather than root causes. Therefore it becomes important for initiatives like Rebuild Beirut which focuses on addressing underlying issues such as inadequate housing or lack of access to essential services that impede development.

Moreover,’s approach seeks not only monetary contributions but also encourages skilled volunteers who can lend their expertise towards rehabilitation projects such as construction work or medical aid provision among others. This dual-pronged strategy ensures that resources are used efficiently while empowering local communities by involving them directly in reconstruction processes.

Another significant aspect of Atiqur Rahman’s appeal is its transparent and accountable nature. GRT has a track record of successful fundraising campaigns for humanitarian causes worldwide, and donors can be assured that their contributions will go towards the intended purpose in Lebanon. The organization provides regular updates on its website and social media pages on how funds are being utilized to support those affected by the crisis.

Furthermore, Atiqur Rahman’s appeal aims to reach beyond borders by collaborating with local organizations within Lebanon itself. This partnership ensures that aid reaches those who need it most effectively while also facilitating cultural sensitivity and understanding of the ground realities.

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