Swaraj 717 price in india

The Swaraj 717 is a highly praised tractor in the Swaraj family, known for its impressive features and specifications. With a single-cylinder engine offering 15 horsepower and a rated RPM of 2300, this tractor offers a great combination of power and performance. It is particularly suitable for small farms due to its longevity and affordability, with a price ranging from Rs 3.15 lakhs to Rs 3.35 lakhs. The Swaraj 717 comes with ADDC Hydraulic Control, improving lifting performance, and has a compact design with a 1490 mm wheelbase and 2435 mm overall length. Weighing 850 kilograms, it features advanced features aimed at the convenience of farmers and operators. The tractor has a single clutch and manual steering, making operations smooth and easy. With a hydraulic lifting capacity of 780 kg and automatic drift and draught control, it provides excellent productivity in the fields. The Swaraj 717 also offers a sliding mesh transmission with a single friction plate and a two-wheel drive option. Tractor Gyan is a platform that provides detailed information and guidance on tractors, helping buyers compare models and make informed decisions based on their requirements.

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