The 23 Best Oral Sex Toys in 2023, According to Experts – Men’s Health

The 23 Best Oral Sex Toys in 2023, According to Experts – Men’s Health

The 23 Best Oral Sex Toys in 2023, According to Experts – Men’s Health

Oral sex has never been more fun!

The award-winning Men’s Health Magazine has just released their list of the 23 best oral sex toys of 2023, as chosen by experts. Oral sex is always a great way to add some excitement to your bedroom adventures and there’s something for everyone on this hot list of fantastic products.

The Best of the Best – Our Top Picks

1. The Hoollala 2-in-1 Oral Sex Simulator: If you’re looking for the top tier of oral sex toys, then the Hoolala 2-in-1 Oral Sex Simulator is the one for you. This toy is a combination of vibration and light suction that will provide realistic and intense pleasure.

2. The O-Zone Stimulating Oral Sex Toy: This amazing oral sex toy features voltage adjustment, LED lighting and vibration speeds, giving you plenty of options for customization. The O-Zone Stimulating Oral Sex Toy is the perfect choice for both beginners and experienced users alike.

3. The Autoplus High-Intensity Vibrator: This is a great toy for those who want something a bit more intense. The Autoplus High-Intensity Vibrator has 8 speed settings and is designed to give you the most intense sensations.

And The Rest Of The List:

  • The Babylon Autosuction Oral Sex Toy
  • The Tenga Egg Glider Oral Sex Toy
  • The LIra Oral Sex Toy
  • The Spinner 360 Oral Sex Vibrator
  • The Centurion Oral Sex Toy
  • The Nubian2 Oral Sex Toy
  • The Epic Deluxe Oral Sex Toy
  • The Xhance Oral Sex Toy
  • The Ovule Oral Sex Toy
  • The Kinky Oral Sex Toy
  • The Torque Oral Sex Toy
  • The Softlips Oral Sex Toy
  • The Tongue Pleaser Oral Sex Toy
  • The Solar Oral Sex Toy
  • The Hoopla Oral Sex Toy
  • The Dare to Explore Oral Sex Toy
  • The Flight Oral Sex Toy
  • The Diamond Oral Sex Toy
  • The Twister Oral Sex Toy
  • The Comfort Plus Oral Sex Toy
  • The Twisted Tongue Oral Sex Toy
  • The Shakti Oral Sex Toy

The selection of oral sex toys from Men’s Health is sure to satisfy everyone’s needs. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll find something to add to your pleasure collection. Give one of these amazing products a try and have a blast!

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