The early morning-just after pill is not the very same as the abortion capsule. 


Prepared by Lizzie, RSEI Educator | Revealed April 26th, 2022

Interval. Nevertheless this frequent misunderstanding all around how unexpected emergency contraception essentially works is shared among youth and adults alike. Emergency contraception (also known as the morning after capsule) stops being pregnant from taking place in the initial area, although the medication abortion (the abortion pill) ends an by now present being pregnant. We have to have to understand the big difference.

Currently, we are teetering on the edge of a submit-Roe future, as condition following condition move increasingly rigid abortion bans. And it is likely that stricter access to other reproductive products and services, like birth command, could stick to. With this in thoughts, it is specially critical and timely that we assist the young people today we function with in knowledge what emergency contraception basically does, how to use it most successfully, and the change between emergency contraception and medicine abortion, for the reason that they are not the very same.

Pregnancy does not transpire immediately subsequent intercourse. 

In actuality, sperm can are living inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes for up to 6 days after intercourse, just ready for ovulation (the procedure in which the ovaries launch an egg). If a sperm fertilizes an egg, it even now can choose up to a whole other week for the fertilized egg to travel from the fallopian tubes and implant in the uterine lining. Additional usually than we realize, eggs may well become fertilized, but under no circumstances make it to implantation.

Medically talking, being pregnant starts at implantation, not fertilization. All in all, it can acquire just about 2-3 weeks after sex for someone to turn out to be expecting! 

Unexpected emergency contraception operates ideal when taken as shortly as doable following sexual intercourse. 

Emergency contraception supplements perform by delaying ovulation and preventing an egg from releasing. This is why someone can still avoid being pregnant even days after possessing had sexual intercourse. Having said that, it will only get the job done when taken just before ovulating. Most men and women really don’t know precisely when they ovulate, which is part of why crisis contraception tends to be considerably less efficient than other delivery management solutions. [Read our blog on Fertility Awareness Methods to learn more about tracking ovulation].

If the ovaries have now produced an egg, the emergency contraception capsules may possibly thicken the cervical fluid, creating it extra tough for sperm to obtain and fertilize an egg. Unexpected emergency contraception does not hurt or effect an already existing pregnancy, so if a human being is previously expecting by the time they just take this capsule, they will still be expecting.

There are a several diverse kinds of emergency contraception.

The crisis contraception tablet (AKA the early morning-after pill) is a single tablet taken as before long as probable, or inside of 3-5 times immediately after acquiring unprotected sexual intercourse. 

The most powerful EC tablet contains ulipristal acetate and is by a brand identified as ella

ella is:

  • most helpful when taken within 5 times but functions very best when taken as before long as feasible
  • only offered with a prescription! Another person can get a prescription for ella from a doctor’s business, certain pharmacies, or on line with up coming working day delivery
  • commonly charges $50 or additional at the pharmacy, but can be lined by wellbeing insurance plan
  • it prices $90 to get on-line (with healthcare consultation and overnight shipping and delivery integrated)
  • obtainable with no age limitations
  • bodyweight dependent and could get the job done less correctly for men and women 195 lbs or extra

The other EC capsules comprise levonorgestrel (models like Strategy B Just one-Phase, My Way, AfterPill, EContra, and a lot more). These EC supplements are:

  • most powerful taken in just 72 several hours (3 times) but function greatest when taken as quickly as doable
  • can be taken up to 5 times following
  • out there about the counter at most pharmacies and on line, and do not have to have a prescription
  • can price tag $11-$50 dependent on the brand name
  • available without having age limitations
  • excess weight dependent and could perform significantly less proficiently for men and women 155 lbs or much more

When it arrives to the emergency contraception tablet, timing is almost everything! EC can be acquired nicely in progress of staying necessary, by everyone, of any gender. 

Finally, selected IUDs also perform as emergency contraception! The Paragard copper IUD, as effectively as the Mirena and Liletta hormonal IUDs all, work as EC, and basically are the most helpful types! 

These IUDs:

  • operate up to 5 days immediately after unprotected sex, and are just as efficient on working day a person as on working day 5
  • does not have any weight restrictions
  • Can price tag $-$1,300 based on the IUD and if an individual has wellbeing insurance
  • can be utilised for up to 7-12 many years as beginning command
  • will have to be inserted and taken out by a wellbeing care professional

Scheduling an IUD insertion can frequently consider lengthier than the 5-day window, so finding an IUD as crisis contraception may possibly not often be the most feasible possibility for men and women. 

Crisis contraception will only avert pregnancy, not conclude an already present one.

Medicine abortion, often known as the “abortion pill”, nevertheless, is a safe and powerful way to conclude a being pregnant up to 77 times or 11 weeks into the pregnancy. Treatment abortion consists of a collection of two medications, in addition antibiotics, taken more than the class of a few times. 

The very first treatment, mifepristone, is taken during a health heart appointment and stops the pregnancy from continuing to create. The second round of medicine, misoprostol, is taken in just 48 hrs of the health care take a look at, as instructed by the supplier. This medicine will induce cramping and bleeding, similar to a miscarriage. Collectively, these drugs will close a pregnancy, and an ultrasound will be wanted to assure the treatment is complete about two weeks just after.

As a reminder, unexpected emergency contraception helps prevent anyone from having pregnant, and only a medication abortion can conclude an by now present being pregnant.

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We are looking at an ever-rising attack on reproductive rights and abortion obtain engage in out the two in the Supreme Court docket and throughout this state. This means the knowledge and ability of many young men and women to obtain reproductive companies are shifting, and unsure. The Responsible Sexual intercourse Schooling Institute is the education and learning branch of Prepared Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. Planned Parenthood has been all over for around a hundred decades and will carry on for hundreds additional. Planned Parenthood is a proud abortion provider. 

Young folks require access to precise and extensive details about their sexual health and fitness in a shame and stigma-free of charge natural environment. They need to have to comprehend how unexpected emergency contraception performs, that using it is time-sensitive, and that it is 1 of a lot of distinct strategies of start manage available to them. And, additional pointedly, our youth require to know that emergency contraception is unique from a medicine abortion. With this info, young people should have to be supported in generating the very best choices for by themselves and about their bodies. We, as academics, reliable youth-serving grown ups, people and communities, can help them in making healthy and knowledgeable decisions


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