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Oral sexual intercourse is a subject matter that has been taboo for significantly as well lengthy. Although several folks shy away from discussing it, it remains 1 of the most pleasurable sexual activities for the two associates and an integral element of any healthy sexual romance. If you are seeking to get your bedroom antics to the up coming level, then you’re in the correct location. So, grab a pen and paper, take some notes, and get ready to take a look at the very best oral sexual intercourse positions for most satisfaction. 

The 6 finest oral intercourse positions 

Without the need of additional ado, let’s get into the top oral intercourse positions for utmost pleasure. 

1. The Typical 69 Position 

The classic 69 place is a well known oral sex posture in which each companions complete oral sex on every single other concurrently. This situation can be particularly pleasurable as both partners give and acquire satisfaction simultaneously, making a emotion of mutual enjoyment and intimacy. It involves a amount of belief and conversation to make certain equally partners are relaxed and having fun with the working experience to the fullest. 

2. The Deal with-Sitting down or Queening Situation 

In this situation, 1 partner sits on the other’s encounter while that companion performs oral intercourse. This place is excellent for people who take pleasure in deep penetration and are at ease with the feeling of sitting down on their partner’s deal with. It is essential to communicate and make sure that both of those associates are comfy just before engaging in this situation. 

3. The Lying Down Place 

In this placement, the receiving associate lies down, and the supplying partner kneels amongst their legs, carrying out oral sexual intercourse. This position can be specifically pleasurable as the receiving spouse can chill out and concentrate on the satisfaction they are receiving when the supplying partner can concentrate on giving pleasure. 

4. The Kneeling Posture 

Related to the lying down position, the getting lover lies down, and the supplying spouse kneels between their legs. On the other hand, in this situation, the obtaining spouse can carry their legs around the supplying partner’s shoulders, offering a deeper stage of penetration and an increased level of enjoyment. 

5. The Sideways 69 Situation 

In this position, the two associates lie on their sides, experiencing just about every other, with their heads in close proximity to the other’s genitals. This position is ideal for those who want to interact in oral sex even though cuddling and sensation near to their spouse. It can also be excellent for associates who appreciate employing their fingers to promote their associate during oral intercourse. 

6. The Standing Situation 

The standing situation is when the acquiring associate stands with their legs unfold whilst the offering companion kneels or stands in front of them, performing oral intercourse. This place can be specifically intense as it presents a experience of electrical power and vulnerability that can increase enjoyment for the two associates. The standing position can be a fantastic way to switch points up and explore new sensations with your lover. 

Guidelines for a satiating oral sex working experience 

  • Experiment with unique approaches: Never be concerned to experiment with unique techniques and ranges of tension throughout oral intercourse. Attempt varying the velocity, depth, and rhythm of your movements to discover what feels finest for you and your associate. Oral intercourse won’t have to be static it can be an ever-modifying and evolving expertise that you both equally can love for several years to arrive. 
  • Use sex toys: If you’re feeling adventurous, incorporating sexual intercourse toys and components can catapult your oral sexual intercourse encounter to the up coming stage. Irrespective of whether it be vibrators, dildos, or flavored lubricants, adding a tiny something more can intensify sensations and provide a new level of enjoyment for you and your partner. 
  • Modify speed, stress, and rhythm: It’s vital to observe that all people enjoys diverse items during oral sexual intercourse. It can be very important to alter your velocity, strain, and rhythm to match your partner’s needs and dreams. Don’t be afraid to talk and question your husband or wife what they get pleasure from or where they want you to concentration your consideration on. When each companions come to feel cozy and associated, the knowledge can be truly transformative. 


Oral intercourse is a great way to hook up with your associate and examine every single other’s dreams and boundaries. This act is far more than just foreplay it can perform a significant element in fostering a deep bond amongst companions, providing a exceptional exploration of each other’s bodies over and above penetration. The intimacy and relationship from oral sex reinforce emotional bonds, giving an possibility to find out new erogenous zones.  

By speaking, experimenting, and making an attempt new positions, couples can take their sexual encounters to the next amount and find out new heights of enjoyment. Don’t forget, sexual satisfaction is all about functioning alongside one another, comprehending your partner’s wishes and desires, and currently being open and at ease checking out those wants collectively. So, it’s time to allow loose, have some enjoyment, and enjoy the pleasure that oral sex can offer! 


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