Tredence Inc, VP-Data Engineering, Arnab Sen – AITech Interview

Arnab, kindly brief us about yourself and your journey as the VP of Data Engineering at Tredence Inc.

As the VP of Data Engineering at Tredence Inc., my journey has been a rewarding evolution. Starting my tenure six to seven years ago as a senior manager, I recognized early on that technology, particularly data engineering, could significantly distinguish us from our competitors. Brought on board to boost our technology prowess, I helped establish our initial technology practice. My relocation to the United States as Director of Data Engineering marked our focused effort to create a distinct niche in data engineering.

Since then, we’ve expanded our market offerings, developed unique assets, and grown significantly, with data engineering now comprising almost half of our company. With every success, I’ve progressed within the company, reflecting our shared growth and commitment to excellence.

What drew you to the field of data engineering, and how did you develop your expertise in this area?

My journey into data engineering began with a fascination for how systems communicate, likened to silent conversations. I started with simple SQL and as an early adopter of Hadoop in 2009-10, I honed skills in distributed computing and parallel data processing. The advent of cloud made data engineering more accessible, stoking my interest further.

While the technology evolved, core principles remained constant, enabling me to adapt quickly. Beyond technical skills, working across diverse domains like BFSI, healthcare, telecom, retail, and CPG enriched my expertise. I tackled complex problems, which, coupled with insights gained from a couple of industry pioneers, bolstered my confidence and technical acumen. In essence, my career has been a journey from databases to big data ecosystems and the cloud, constantly enhancing my proficiency in this dynamic field of data engineering.

Data science is a rapidly evolving field. How does Tredence stay ahead of the curve and ensure its solutions incorporate the latest advancements and best practices in the industry?

At Tredence, we constantly innovate to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving data science field. We have established an AI Center of Excellence, fueling our innovation flywheel with cutting-edge advancements.

We’ve built a Knowledge Management System that processes varied enterprise documents and includes a domain-specific Q&A system, akin to ChatGPT. We’ve developed a co-pilot integrated data science workbench, powered by GenAI algorithms and Composite AI, significantly improving our analysts’ productivity.

We’re also democratizing data insights for business users through our GenAI solution that converts Natural Language Queries into SQL queries, providing easy-to-understand insights. These are being implemented across our client environments, significantly adding value to their businesses.

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