Turboexpanders A Comprehensive Industry Analysis

Market Scenario

Market Research Future (MRFR), in its latest “Turboexpander Market” report, different factors that can impact the market. The turboexpander industry can rise at about 7.23% CAGR by 2030, reveals MRFR.

MRFR also estimated the turboexpander market size to rise exponentially. The presence of major energy producers in North America can aid to attain a high turboexpander market share.

As per the turboexpander market analysis by MRFR, there are numerous factors that determine the rise of the market. The high degree of efficacy of turboexpanders to convert kinetic into mechanical energy can boost the expansion of the market. The rise in utility of turboexpanders for cryogenic applications, such as natural gas, petrochemical, and air separation industries can shore up the market rise.

The high demand for natural gas worldwide due to benefits, such as lower carbon footprint as compared to conventional fossil fuels. Capital economies are taking different initiatives to rise the LNG utility, especially is rural regions, where firewood is the choice of fuel. This can also impel the expansion of the market. Many industries are deploying turboexpanders to achieve better isentropic efficiency, thus higher productivity.

Key Players

·         Atlas Corpo (Sweden)

·         Baker Huges a GE company (US)

·         Cyrostar (France)

·         Air Products & Chemicals.Inc (US)

·         L.A. Turbine (US)

·         Honeywell (US)

·         Man Energy Solutions (Germany)

·         Siemens (Germany)

·         ACD LLC (Switzerland)

·         Elliot Group (US)

·         R&D Dynamics Corporation (US)

·         Turbogaz (Ukraine)

Segmental Study

The world turboexpander market study is based on loading device type, end-use industry, and application. The loading device type-based segments of the market are generator, compressor, and oil break. The compressor segment can head the market due to increase in the utilization of products for processing of LNG.

The application-based segments of the turboexpander market are air separation, hydrocarbon, and generation of energy from waste gases among others. Applications that include pressure let down and geothermal are likely to gain considerable traction. The hydrocarbon segment can lead the market due to high adoption of turboexpanders in ethane recovery, LNG production, dew point control, and NGL recovery.

The end-use based segments of the turboexpander market are power generation, oil and gas, and manufacturing. The oil and gas segment is likely hold the major share of the world market in the evaluation period due to rise in the consumption and production of LNG and LPG.

Regional Study

The world Cryogenic expansion machines market is anticipated to experience a phenomenal growth through the review period. The increase in requirement for energy efficient natural gases production can prompt the turboexpander market growth in North America. As per MRFR study, the market in North America with rise exponentially owing to the presence of largest producer of natural gas products and high customer count. Over the last decade, the turboexpander market has register its highest position in the region.


It is likely to retain the hegemony in the forecast period. North America houses major turboexpanders manufactures, along with which they hold higher emphasis on launch of innovations can support the expansion of the market. In Europe, Russia is the top consumer of natural gases, followed by the UK. Thus, the turboexpanders market in the region is expected to register a decent growth. In Asia Pacific, the turboexpanders market can rise gradually in the forecast period due to the high demand for natural gas products.

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