Unlocking Confidence: The Art and Science of Penile Enlargement in Dubai

Welcome to the world of revolution to discover a symphony of more knowledgeable techniques to balance men’s enhancement by Unlocking Confidence: The Art and Science of Penile Enlargement in Dubai.  Let’s embark on a journey to unlock the secrets and unveil your potential. Book us now at Tajmeels Clinic to explore more about the science and art of penile enlargement in men. 

Penile Enlargement:

 This treatment also known as the augmentation of penile consists of non-surgical and surgical procedures as well used to enhance the rigidity of the penis of men or to increase the length of the male penis. The main aim of this procedure is to maintain the satisfaction of sexual feeling and improves the confidence of a person. Surgical procedure for penile enlargement includes penile lengthening surgery and penile girth enhancement each of them has its benefits and effects whereas non-surgical procedures include penis extender and penis pumps. 

Benefits of penile enlargement:

The following are the benefits of the penile enlargement treatment: 

  • Improves self-confidence 

  • Increases the satisfaction of sexual activity 

  • Resolve the problems psychologically 

Perfect Candidate: 

The following are the candidates for this treatment: 

  • Anyone who has good health 

  • People with a realistic expectation 

  • A person with good mental health 

  • Men who do not smoke

  • Men who want to increase the size of their penis

Pre-care Instructions: 

The following are the pre-care instructions: 

  • Do not smoke

  • Do not drink alcohol 

  • Eat healthy food 

  • Maintain the lifestyle by doing exercise regularly

  • Drink excessive water 

  • Do not take medicines for blood thinning purposes 

How is the Procedure of penile enlargement treatment done? 

The treatment of penile enlargement consists of two types of procedure, one is surgical and the other is nonsurgical. the selection of this procedure depends on the condition of the patient, it is essential to consult a doctor who is professional for optimal and better procedure recommendations. 

The following are the procedures for this treatment : 

 Surgical procedure: 

  1. The surgery of penile enlargement can be initiated by a doctor by injecting anesthesia to make the patient unconscious. the injection of anesthesia is used for the painless process. 

  2. After the injection, the doctor will select the tissue fat and extract it by using a liposuction technique. 

  3. After that, the fat will be filtered by a doctor 

  4. The doctor will use that filtered fat in the injection and then administer the injection directly into the penile area to increase the size of the penis of men. 

  5. There is no downtime required for the treatment.

Non-surgical procedure: 

The non-surgical procedure consists of two procedures. Penis pump and penis extender. 

Procedure for penis pump:

 the process is done by using a vacuum to suck the blood into the penis and creates an erection. This procedure is used to increase the size for a short time and also helps to increase the flow of blood. 

Post-care Instructions: 

The following are the post-care instructions for the penile enlargement treatment : 

  • Do not lift heavy things 

  • Apply an ice-cold pack on the treated area to reduce the swelling 

  • Take the medicines recommended by the doctor 

  • Maintain the hygiene 

  • Clean the area 

  • Stop drinking alcohol 

  • Follow the diet which is given by the doctor 

Cost of penile enlargement in Dubai

The cost of this treatment is not fixed, it depends on many factors such as the experience of a doctor, service quality, and the type of procedure required for the patient.

for instance, the cost of a surgical procedure is different from the cost of a non-surgical procedure, as the surgical procedure consists of the need for anesthesia, so the charges for anesthesia will also be added to the treatment and the overall cost will be affected.   

book us now to get the fixed cost of penile enlargement in Dubai, our doctors are experts in determining the cost of any treatment in a single session by assessing the condition and requirements of a patient. 

Factors Impacting the Cost of penile enlargement: 

The following are the factors that can impact the cost: 

  • Doctors experience

  • Type of procedure done

  • Geographical location 

  • Charges of anesthesia 

Book an Appointment to increase the size of your penis! 


Book us now at tajmeels clinic to get treatment from our doctors. Our doctor will analyze the condition of the patient, then he will recommend the best procedure either surgical or non-surgical for Unlocking Confidence: The Art and Science of Penile Enlargement in Dubai. Our doctors always feel happy in treating their patients. Do not hesitate to book a consultation. your desired goals are just one step away from you. 

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