What Things Should You Consider When Buying 14k Diamond Hoops?

When choosing the perfect pair of gold diamond studs or hoops, there’s more to consider than only what catches your eye. While looking out for your pair of earrings like 18k gold diamond studs, it is important to consider a few things before making your purchase. When you research and plan responsibly, you can invest in high-quality jewelry without digging a hole in your pocket. Keep reading to know the significant things to consider that will help you to get the best studs. 


Before buying 14k diamond hoops or other diamond studs, it’s important to set a realistic budget. Otherwise, it can make you sad when you fall in love with stunning diamond earrings that are financially out of your range. When you go with a decided budget, it will help you to find the perfect pair of earrings as per your needs and within your budget. 

Consider 4Cs

Selecting an ideal pair of diamond hoops or earrings needs a little knowledge in terms of stones. For checking the stones, you need to consider the 4Cs that are:

Carat weight: Usually, people misunderstand the carat weight as stone size. However, it is the metric weight of a diamond. Metric weight is referred to as 200 milligrams. Then, each carat has a subdivision of 100 points, giving a measurement down to the hundredth decimal. 

Clarity: The GIA clarity scale was established out of a requirement for consistency in deciding the clarity of a stone. The stone’s clarity is often decided by its inclusions, small imperfections found on the surface of the diamond. These flaws are outcomes of the powerful heat and pressure a stone tolerates when it is formed. The clarity scale includes different categories, including flawless, internally flawless, slightly included, included, and more. 

Color: You can find an array of color grades of diamonds. That’s why the slenderest difference between the color of the diamonds can greatly affect their price and value. A little variation between one grade below or above a stone may be noticeable. The cost of real diamond studs and the grading report will provide clear information. 

Cut: If you want stud earrings that give more shine and sparkle, then considering a diamond cut is important and should be highly prioritized. A diamond cut is the dimensions of a stone and how proportionate they are. The cut examines stone facets and how sparkle, brilliance, and fire are impacted because of their positioning. 

Diamonds shape 

It is noticed very often, that the terms diamond cut and diamond shape are used interchangeably. However, there is a noteworthy variance between the two. Your stone outline is referred to as the shape of the diamond, like unique pear-shaped 14k diamond hoops. The stud earrings come in different shapes, and you can choose the one as per your preference. 

Metal type 

Consider metal type is also of significant importance when buying diamond studs. Some of you may find it easy to choose the ideal metal type, while some may get confused. In order to choose the right type, look out for considerations like color, weight, and possible metal allergies to find out your preferred metal type. 

Metal color

Selecting the metal color for your 18k gold diamond studs can be another important preference. A white or platinum gold metal can improve the overall appearance of the carat weight of your diamond earrings. On the contrary, some choose their diamond earrings to imitate contrast. 

In a nutshell, after reading all the important considerations of buying diamond studs or hoops, you can find the perfect pair.

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