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Condoms are an important device for harmless sexual intercourse and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies. Even so, sometimes condoms break, which can direct to unplanned consequences. The greatest way to protect against this is to fully grasp how and why condoms split. To support you out, we will be exploring the various elements that can bring about condoms to crack and how to stop this sort of situations from happening. 

1. Bad-high quality condoms

The good quality of the condom is a single of the most important factors that can result in it to break. Inadequately manufactured condoms can have weak points in the materials, generating them much more vulnerable to breakage. To make sure that you’re using higher-excellent condoms, it is necessary to purchase them from highly regarded brand names and merchants. It is really also crucial to test the expiration day prior to getting or making use of condoms. Expired condoms can be brittle and additional susceptible to breakage. 

2. Incorrect storage

Condoms must be saved in a interesting, dry put away from immediate sunlight. When condoms are uncovered to heat, moisture or daylight, the substance can weaken, building them a lot more probable to crack throughout use. Hence, it’s crucial to store condoms in a great, dry setting to assure that they keep on being in fantastic condition. 

3. Erroneous lubricant

Lubricants can make sexual activity much more comfy and pleasurable for both equally partners. Having said that, not all lubricants are compatible with condoms. Oil-primarily based lubricants such as lotions, Vaseline, and cooking oil can weaken the product of the condom and trigger it to break. In its place, it is suggested to use drinking water-based mostly lubricants for condoms. 

4. Incorrect use

Working with a condom effectively is very important to avoid breakage throughout sexual action. Firstly, it is vital to make certain that the condom is the ideal dimensions. A condom that is also limited or way too unfastened can result in it to slip off or break. Next, it can be critical to check the condom for any obvious destruction or holes in advance of use. Thirdly, the condom must be unrolled all the way to the foundation of the penis, leaving no room for semen to leak out.  

5. Rough sexual intercourse

In the course of tough intercourse, the friction and strain can induce the condom to break. To avoid this from occurring, it’s vital to use a thicker or stronger condom. Some condoms are exclusively designed for rough sex and are created of thicker material for additional safety. It’s also important to communicate with your associate about the amount of depth for the duration of sexual activity to avert any unexpected accidents. 

6. Expulsion of air

Occasionally, air can get trapped inside the condom during application, building a bubble-like pocket. When tension is utilized during intercourse, the trapped air can cause the condom to crack. To avert this, it is essential to squeeze the tip of the condom when implementing it, allowing for any trapped air to escape. 

7. Employing much more than 1 condom

Working with additional than a person condom at a time may seem like a excellent concept for extra safety, but it can basically improve the danger of breakage. The friction among two condoms can lead to them to weaken and tear. Therefore, it is advised to use only 1 condom at a time. 


By knowledge the different elements that can cause condom breakage, people can get ways to avoid these types of predicaments from occurring. It’s essential to use higher-high-quality condoms, keep them accurately, use a suitable lubricant, use condoms correctly, communicate with your partner about sexual depth, stop air expulsion, and use only one particular condom at a time. By taking these safety measures, individuals can appreciate protected and pleasurable sexual activities devoid of any sudden implications. 


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