Why User Experience in SEO Matters?

Those days are gone when marketers used to rank their websites through keyword stuffing and spammy links. Now, everything has been changed. Because search engines are shifting their focus towards human behavior and experience. And if you want to improve your website ranking, you will need to focus on your website usability. 


Now, Google Algorithms have consistently focused on the User Experience. And that’s why it has become the foundation of your site’s usability. If you site fails to satisfy users in terms of user experience, then it would negatively impact your business ranking on SERP. So, today in this article we will see, why user experience in search engine optimization matters and how it can boost up your ranking on SERP.

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What is User Experience ? 

User experience is the vital aspect of search engine optimization. And user experience is how people interacts with your websites. If your website has easy user interface, then it would be easier for the users to navigate from one place to another into your site. If your website has, intuitive user interface design and if it’s a product base , then it would greaty impact your website. In short, user experience can provide positive experience to your users and one of the best factor for creating successful SEO Campaign.


There are number of ways through which user  can improve their user experience for SEO, here are some of the tips you should follow if you want to improve your user experience 


Make Sure Your Website is easy to use and Navigate 

Make your website more interactive with responsive web design. Use visuals and animations to make things more interesting. Place relevant and useful content on your website. Navigation means how easily a user can access your website from one link to another link. For easy navigation, you can use a clear navigation bar, clear and concise fonts, larger fonts, and clear text and avoid clutter. 


By the way, having more web pages is not always cool. One web page with quality content and a user-friendly interface is better than 100 necessary pages. And this is good for SEO purposes. Even robust multi-page sites are also best for search engine optimizations and they find the site easy to navigate. 


Mobile-Friendly Web Pages 


Mobile responsiveness has now become one of the important digital marketing factors because today more than 50% of the users use mobile phones and search for something from there only. That’s why today making a site responsive is crucial. You have to pay proper attention to your layout, look, text images, and experience of your mobile site. 


If your website does not look responsive on all devices, you might will lose potential customers for your products and services. So, make sure your website looks alike on all devices. For this focus on creating a responsive navigation bar with clear and consistent buttons. You should keep the overall design simple and elegant. Also, focus on the usability of your content. 

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Get Fast 

A fast-loading site also offers the best user experience for your websites. Therefore, site loading speed is considered one of the important website ranking factors for Search Engine Optimization. And site loading speed can be improved by compressing the images, reducing Javascript and CSS files, having the best clean code practices, and using a faster web-host server. All these things would make your website’s loading speed faster. 


Make Use of Headings 

Headings can be a great way of identifying content and keywords. Users first of all look at headings and check whether the site is providing the answer to their queries. Even search engine crawlers use headings to determine the content of your website and understand your site’s intent. This way they can rank your website on the SERP. 


But make sure that each page has only one H1 page in the content and for the rest of the content you can use H2, and H3 in the sites. Use heading tags when needed and it makes sense. 


User Friendly Layouts 

The layout design, content organization, and text size can disturb disrupt your SEO.  Make sure to create a user friendly layout with easy to read and navigate content. Use adequate font size and colors to make the content easy to read. Use short paragraphs and bullets to make the content more understandable. Avoid using flash images, and any kind of element that could disturb your SEO performance on SERP.


Use Clear Logo 

A logo or site is one of the first elements that user would interact with your websites. This element should be clear and concise and your logo and tagline should share what your product and services ia about. 


The Conclusion 

Here, we have come to an end. Now you can understand why user experience matters in SEO. If your website does not satisfy your user then it can disturb your SEO performance on SERP. So, make sure to provide user experience upto the mark. Providing smooth and easy user interface can make your website reach to it’s relevant audience and boosts your business traffic rate. 


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How Important is User Experience for SEO?

User experience is important, because it helps build trust and loyalty with your customers, and it also helps search engines index and rank your website better. Good user experience also helps to increase conversions, as users are more likely to make a purchase or use your services if they are able to easily find what they are looking for.


What is the Link between UX and SEO?

Successful UX focuses on meeting your business needs and providing relevant content. The SEO research helps the users identify the keywords and phrases that users have searched for enabling the UX designers to align the website’s content and users’ intent.

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