Become A Data Hero So You Can Prove Your B2B Marketing Worth

In a recent survey of B2B marketers, we uncovered a group we call Data Heroes, marketers who are using the right data to convert audiences into customers, and they have the analytics to prove it. At every stage of their marketing strategy, they’ve employed data to help them be more precise and more relevant – and to measure their results.


Create a Data Layering Effect

Not surprisingly, data heroes use a much wider variety of data than other marketers. While most marketers rely on a combination of demographic and campaign data, data heroes layer in behavioral, intent, technographic and firmographic data to get a much richer picture of their prospects, what they’re doing and what they’re reacting to.

Grow From A Better Baseline

With a data foundation in place, marketers will be well on their way to becoming a data hero. We found, for example, that data heroes are leaning into intent data, and 66% agree that it drives more pipeline than other data types. They know this because they not only test a variety of data types, they can measure the results.

Marketers looking to add intent data should first build out their data foundation so that they can get the most out of this new and growing data type.

What’s more, data heroes aren’t just shelling out big bucks to buy data, they’re scrappy about enriching what they have by improving their own marketing processes. For example, marketers can grow their own intent data by labeling all of their content by product persona and and funnel position and gain insight by running reports to see what content is resonating with contacts that become opportunities and customers.

Once marketers get used to focusing on data (both customer data and reporting) a positive cycle kicks into gear and they’re well on their way to becoming data heroes.

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