Steel Containers Market overview: Global Industry Analysis by Size, Share, Growth

Steel Containers Market Overview:

The Steel Containers Market industry is projected to grow at USD 156.46 Billion by 2032, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.50% during the forecast period (2023 – 2032).

Steel containers, also known as steel storage containers or steel shipping containers, are durable, versatile, and widely used in various industries for storage, transportation, and temporary workspace solutions. These containers are typically constructed from steel, making them robust and suitable for a range of applications.

The global steel containers market is substantial and has experienced steady growth over the years. This market’s size and growth are influenced by factors such as international trade, industrial activities, and the construction sector.

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Market Trends and Challenges:

Customization: The trend towards customizing containers to meet specific needs is growing, leading to increased demand for modification services.

Eco-Friendly Practices: Environmental concerns are driving the development of sustainable container solutions and recycling programs.

Global Supply Chain Challenges: Events like the COVID-19 pandemic and disruptions in global trade can impact the steel container market.

Key Players:

Key Companies in the steel containers market include

·       Supermonte Group Italy, Inc.

·       SCHÄFER Container Systems

·       Unique Steel

·       Eagle Stainless

·       Ability Fabricators Inc.

·       Eco Imprints, Inc.

·       Müller GmbH

·       Thielmann – The Container Company

·       La Nuova Sansone S.r.l.


Future Outlook: The steel containers market is expected to continue growing, especially with the increasing demand for efficient and secure storage and transportation solutions across various industries. Innovations in design, materials, and eco-friendly features will shape the market’s future.

Steel Containers Market Segmentation:

Steel Containers Capacity Type Outlook (USD Billion, 2018-2032)

·       Less than 2 Liter

·       2-10 Liter

·       10-20 Liter

·       20-50 Liter

·       50-100 Liter

·       More than 100 Liter

Steel Containers End User Outlook (USD Billion, 2018-2032)

·       Food

·       Beverage

·       Others

Steel Containers Product Type Outlook (USD Billion, 2018-2032)

·       Jars

·       Cans

·       Canister

·       Bottles

·       Drums

·       Kegs

·       IBC’s

Steel Containers Regional Outlook (USD Billion, 2018-2032)

·       North America

·       Europe

·       Asia-Pacific

·       Rest of the World

Steel Containers Industry Developments:

July 2020 – CAN-Pack SA and Special Collaboration:


Companies: CAN-Pack SA, a New York-based company, collaborated with Special, a Poland-based company. The collaboration aimed to extend their relationship to develop new designs for the brand. These new designs were inspired by the logos of neighborhood malt houses, printing houses, brewers, and barleys.

This development suggests a focus on innovative and distinctive branding for steel containers. Incorporating local and historical elements, such as malt houses and brewers, into container designs can provide a unique and authentic appeal to the packaging and branding of products. It also reflects the significance of aesthetics and market differentiation in the steel container industry.

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