Mini Tractors Features in India 2023 – TractorGyan

In India, mini tractors come with improved mileage, oil-immersed brakes, strong hydraulic lifting capacity, and other features. The on-road price of a mini tractor in 2023 will be Rs. 9.22 lakh*, up from Rs. 2.45 lakh* at launch.


There are several HP capacities available for mini tractors used in agriculture, ranging from 11 HP to 36 HP. Fields are planted, tilled, and other tasks are completed by small tractors. Along with bushes clearing, fertiliser spreading or moving, and landscape upkeep.


In general, mini tractors have less than 40 PTO horsepower and weigh less than 1800 kg. India also produces mini tractors with power lifts for tools. Indian mini tractors are made to be fastened to a variety of tools. 


The costs of mini tractors are reasonable for Indian farmers. For a given price range, small tractors are the best option if strength, dependability, and durability are your top priorities.

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