The Best Logo Maker Apps for Your Salon Business

In today’s competitive business landscape, a salon’s brand identity is crucial in attracting and retaining customers. Your salon’s logo is a visual representation of your brand, and it’s essential to create a logo that is not only eye-catching but also memorable. However, not everyone is a graphic design expert, and that’s where logo-maker apps come to the rescue. These apps provide user-friendly tools and a wide range of design resources to help you craft the perfect logo for your salon business. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best logo-maker apps that can help you design a logo that sets your salon apart.  

Logo Maker Apps for Your Salon Business

Logo Maker: Logo Creator

Logo Maker: Logo Creator is a versatile app that offers a vast library of over 10,000 logo templates, elements, and resources. It’s a user-friendly option for designing a logo that represents your salon brand. The app is designed for individuals with varying design skills, making it accessible to both novices and professionals. Here are some key features and pros and cons of this app:


  • Extensive template library with over 10,000 options.

  • User-friendly interface for easy logo design.

  • A variety of resources for creating diverse logos.

  • Fully layered designs for customization.

  • Quick and easy logo design.


  • Abundant template choices for various industries.

  • Accessibility to users with limited design skills.

  • Customization options for creating a unique brand identity.

  • Cost-effective alternative to professional design services.

  • Keeps you updated with design trends.


  • Limited uniqueness with templates.

  • Not ideal for complex brand identities.

DesignEvo – Logo Maker

DesignEvo – Logo Maker is a simple and intuitive app that aids in logo creation. With a library of 3,500+ professionally designed logo templates, it offers a diverse range of options for your salon logo. This app is suitable for both beginners and experienced designers. Here are some of its features and pros and cons:


  • 3,500+ professionally designed logo templates.

  • User-friendly interface for easy logo creation.

  • Robust editing tools and text customization.

  • Multiple file export options.

  • Easy sharing via email and social media.


  • Diverse template library for varied industries.

  • Extensive customization freedom.

  • Accessibility for novices and professionals.

  • Versatile export and sharing options.


  • Limited to logo design scope.

  • Limited complexity for advanced design.


LogoWiz is a top-notch salon logo maker app for Android and a salon logo maker app for iPhone. It boasts a user-friendly interface, an extensive collection of pre-designed templates for various industries, and customization options for fonts, colors, and icons, allowing you to create a unique and memorable salon logo. The app also lets you add your images to your design and export your logo in high-resolution formats for a professional finish.


  • User-friendly interface with customization tools.

  • Logo creation for businesses, projects, and personal use.

  • 5,000+ professionally designed logo templates.

  • One-tap download, save, and edit later.


  • Easy to use, suitable for non-designers.

  • Affordable logo creation.

  • Endless possibilities with fonts and graphics.

  • Quick design turnaround.

  • Diverse font choices for unique branding.


  • Some advanced features might require a subscription fee.

Logo Maker: Design & Create

Logo Maker: Design & Create is a simple app developed by Hatchful by Shopify, aimed at helping you create logos for your salon business. This app is perfect for those who are new to business or looking for a quick and affordable way to get a professional logo. It offers customization options for colors, fonts, and icons. Here are the app’s features and pros and cons:


  • Offers a variety of colors, fonts, and editing tools.

  • Access to a library of free templates.

  • Customizable styles, icons, and fonts.

  • Easy logo creation for non-designers.

  • Design logos for multiple social media platforms.


  • User-friendly for non-designers.

  • Extensive template library for inspiration.

  • Customization for unique logos.

  • Time-saving and cost-effective.

  • No need to hire a designer.


  • Limited creativity due to template-based approach.

  • Quality may vary based on user skills.

Iris Logo Maker

Iris Logo Maker, developed by Iris Studios, is an app that provides a wide range of options for logo design. It allows you to customize shapes, colors, backgrounds, stickers, and more. You can add text and change its appearance with different fonts and colors. The app also offers an extensive library of categorized stickers and icons. Here are the features and pros and co


  • User-friendly logo design tools.

  • Customizable shapes, colors, backgrounds, and more.

  • Text integration and font customization.

  • Extensive library of categorized stickers and icons.


  • Easy-to-use interface.

  • High customization options.

  • Extensive sticker and icon library.

  • Text integration for logo design.


  • Premium versions can be expensive.

Logo Maker: Graphic Design

Logo Maker: Graphic Design is a user-friendly app that simplifies logo and graphic design. It’s suitable for creating logos for your salon business without requiring advanced design skills. The app offers various templates and design elements to assist in the creative process. Here are some of its features and pros and cons:


  • User-friendly interface with diverse design templates and graphics.

  • No graphic design skills are required, make it accessible.

  • Professional photo editing tools for customization.

  • Versatile use for logos, marketing materials, and more.

  • Speeds up the design process for online presence and branding.


  • Cost-efficient alternative to hiring professional designers.

  • Wide customization options for eye-catching visuals.

  • Accessibility for users without design skills.

  • Versatility across various design needs.

  • Time-saving design solution.


  • Limitations in achieving highly original designs.

  • May not suit complex or specialized design projects.

Logo Maker Plus – Logo Creator

Logo Maker Plus – Logo Creator is a versatile app that allows you to create logos and graphics with ease. It offers a wide selection of free pictures and design options for your salon business. You can customize logos, change their colors, and even give them a 3D look. The app is not limited to logos and can be used to create social media covers, banners, and edit photos. Here are some features and pros and cons:


  • Versatile editing options for logo customization.

  • Quick logo generation.

  • Ready-made templates for various social media graphics.

  • Access to thousands of graphic elements.

  • Option to add 3D effects to logos.


  • Extensive graphic library.

  • Quick and easy logo creation.

  • Customization freedom.

  • Multipurpose application.

  • Access to ready-made templates.


  • Limited advanced features.

  • The learning curve for some users.


In the competitive world of salon businesses, a strong brand identity is vital for success. Your salon’s logo is a key component of that identity. While hiring a professional designer is an option, logo maker apps provide a cost-effective and accessible alternative. The apps mentioned in this article offer a range of features and customization options, making it easier for salon owners to design a logo that aligns with their brand.

Whether you’re a novice or have some design experience, these apps can help you create a unique and memorable logo for your salon business. Consider your specific needs, design preferences

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