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Is it a feminist revolution

Is it a feminist revolution simply because they’re burning their hijab

Is it a feminist revolution due to the fact it was commenced and is led by girls

Is it a feminist revolution if gentlemen are using element

Is it a feminist revolution if nothing at all changes

What does hair have to do with the revolution

Glory and electrical power to the ladies in Iran. 

If we’re blessed, women are semi-colons in the stories composed by men and other egomaniacs and “revolutionaries” who assume we really do not know that they never know what they’re performing who believe we do not know that they just want some more of that ability that the Condition monopolizes and not liberation for us all.

Glory and electric power to the ladies in Iran who have seized the narrative and grow to be item and subject matter. Women of all ages are too generally the afterthought of a revolution, hardly ever its motive for getting.

Pay attention to their chants: Jin Jiyan Azadi/Ladies Lifetime Liberty!

The slogan is Kurdish and has its origins in the Kurdish Liberty Movement, with its emphasis on women’s freedom and the battle for self-dedication. The protests have spread across Iran and have been specifically solid in the Kurdish spots. It speaks to the intersections of oppressions confronted by the Kurdish lady Mahsa Zhina Amini whose dying immediately after remaining taken into custody by “morality police” was the spark of the uprising.

Glory and electrical power to the girls in Iran for serving us this obstacle: If gals (and men) in just one of the most fantastic police states are this unscared, then what are you carrying out to struggle your oppressors?

The detail about revolutions is that you can in no way unsee them. You can never ever unsee persons who are no extended fearful increase up.

Their courage will set your really guts on hearth. And set you on see that you are upcoming, no matter whether you are an oppressor with a compact o or a big-O Oppressor.

Glory and power to the ladies in Iran who have seized the narrative and come to be item and subject.

In much too a lot of revolutions ladies have died, been crushed, shot at, and sexually assaulted, fighting together with men to rid their nations of that uppercase Patriarch still so several lowercase patriarchs nevertheless oppress us.

We are no for a longer period frightened.

Glory and electric power to the women of all ages in Iran who burn off their hijabs and in so accomplishing set our imaginations on hearth. The Arab uprisings were sparked by a person — Mohamed Bouazizi, a Tunisian avenue vendor–who established himself on fire and in so doing sparked revolutions and uprisings in the area that have stumbled and stay incomplete. And below now are Iranian females reigniting our innovative hearts with the feminism those Arab uprisings lacked.

Iran is not an Arab place but in this article come the ladies there to get up the baton, not by self-immolation but by placing alight a resource of their Patriarchy a tool many other girls in the nations about Iran figure out all much too very well.

When I listened to that Mahsa Zhina Amini, died after becoming in the custody of the “morality police” who experienced taken her in because she was not sporting a “proper hijab” I quickly imagined of other feminine lives sacrificed on the altar of a piece of cloth.

I thought of the 15 ladies who died in a university fireplace in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in 2002, right after “morality police” in that nation barred them from fleeing the burning constructing — and stored firefighters from rescuing them — since the girls had been not wearing headscarves and cloaks expected in community. And then, practically nothing took place. No just one was put on demo. Mothers and fathers were silenced. The only concession to the horror was that girls’ education and learning was quietly taken absent by then-Crown Prince Abdullah from the Salafi zealots, who have however managed to keep their vise-grip on the kingdom’s education and learning procedure.

It is no shock that the Iranian regime accuses the Saudi routine of orchestrating the revolution that has erupted in fury at Mahsa Zhina Amini’s dying. Two theocracies so alike in their hatred for ladies and whose zealotry has for yrs wrecked lives in the region.

And that is why revolutions for and by women of all ages will liberate us all. Feminism liberates all people. When females are free of charge everybody is totally free.

The thing about revolutions is that you can never ever unsee them. You can under no circumstances unsee people who are no for a longer time terrified rise up. Their bravery will established your extremely guts on fireplace.

What does hair have to do with the revolution?

There is a scene in Abbas Kiarostami’s film 10 when a woman sitting in a motor vehicle in Tehran site visitors gingerly removes her hijab to reveal a shaved head. When I first saw that scene of the movie,  in New York Town in 2003,  I started out to cry. It had been 11 a long time due to the fact I stopped putting on hijab and it would be yet another 17 a long time until I shaved off my own hair.

I rewatched the movie quickly right after I shaved off my hair and that scene however seized me.

What does the revolution have to do with hair?

Through the Irish Revolution, both sides would forcibly shave or cut off women’s hair as punishment as nicely as a way to command women’s bodies.

What does hair have to do with the revolution?

The Iranian Revolution was co-opted by the clerics who then claimed as an accomplishment the mass covering of an complete nation’s women’s hair. Who owns my hair, allow alone my system, when a revolution in which women of all ages fought together with adult males quickly following declaring victory, enforced hijab? When you shave the hair beneath that enforced hijab, are you then the revolution of just one, defying, disobeying, and disrupting? When you rip off that obligatory hijab in general public and shave off your hair in general public, are you ultimately completing the revolution that the theocrats and the misogynists stole from you?

You fucking bet you are.

You signal FUCK YOU, I Have MY Entire body in a way that each Patriarchy and patriarchy fully grasp oppressor and Oppressor comprehend.

We are more than what is on our heads and what is in amongst our legs.

Throughout the Egyptian revolution, the chants were being Bread Freedom Social Justice. The chants we hear in Iran’s revolutions right now remind us that none of people are feasible without the need of feminism: Women Lifetime Freedom.

Place to your “morality police” and what they have built compulsory and burn it to the ground.

A feminist revolution targets patriarchy in the Point out, Road, and the Residence simply because it acknowledges that there is no liberation with no sexual liberation, with out gender liberation, without having queer liberation. It states as a revolutionary assertion: I personal my human body, not the Point out, not the Street, not the Household. I do.

A feminist revolution dares to envision liberation from the militarism of the Point out and from its echo in the conservatism of the Road and the Property. A feminist revolution acknowledges that the hardest revolution of all is the just one at the House, simply because all dictators go household.

And a feminist revolution disobeys all those people who insist “People are not all set,” simply because as revolutionaries we ought to recognize that if our communities are all set for us, we are too late.

Are you prepared? If ladies (and men) in one of the most great law enforcement states are this unscared, what are you carrying out?

Theocracy will have to be fought by a feminist revolution in any other case it is just a further flavour of patriarchy

The matter about revolutions is that you can by no means unsee them. You can in no way unsee people today who are no lengthier frightened increase up. And their bravery will set your very guts on fire.

As you see it, as you enjoy the glory and electricity of the feminist revolution in Iran right now, inquire yourself (I’m hunting at you people today in the U.S. cheering on the feminist revolution towards theocrats above there) what the fuck you are executing to battle theocrats and fascists around below, and make guaranteed it’s a lot more than hashtags and just voting. 

Burn off. Shit. Down.

In which is your feminist revolution from your theocrats?

Point to your “morality police” and what they have built compulsory and melt away it to the ground.

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