Hoodies from Up-and-Coming Fashion Clothing Brands

While established fashion brands dominate the market, up-and-coming clothing brands are making waves with their fresh designs and unique takes on hoodies. These brands often bring a breath of fresh air to the fashion world. Here’s a look at some of the hoodies from up-and-coming fashion clothing brands:


A-COLD-WALL* is a British brand known for its experimental designs and innovative materials. Their hoodies often feature https://carhartthoods.com/ striking structural elements and a futuristic aesthetic.

2. C2H4:

C2H4, based in Los Angeles, is a brand that blends streetwear with scientific and futuristic concepts. Their hoodies often incorporate unique graphics and elements inspired by chemistry and technology.

3. Rhude:

Rhude, founded by Rhuigi Villaseñor, is gaining recognition for its casual yet luxurious designs. Their hoodies often feature minimalist graphics and quality materials.

4. 1017 ALYX 9SM:

1017 ALYX 9SM, designed by Matthew M. Williams, combines luxury with an industrial edge. Their hoodies often incorporate unique hardware and contemporary design elements.

5. Heron Preston:

Heron Preston, a former art director and editor, brings a creative approach https://chromeheartsoutfit.com/ to fashion. His hoodies often feature distinctive logos and graphics.

6. Ambush:

Ambush, founded by Yoon Ahn and Verbal, blends streetwear with high fashion. Their hoodies often feature bold color combinations and playful designs.

7. Palm Angels:

Palm Angels, created by Francesco Ragazzi, offers a laid-back and skate-inspired aesthetic. Their hoodies often feature bold graphics and vintage prints.

8. Fear of God:

Fear of God, designed by Jerry Lorenzo, is known for its minimalist yet luxurious designs. Their hoodies often incorporate oversized silhouettes and premium materials.

9. Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh:

Virgil Abloh’s Off-White has quickly risen to prominence with its distinctive diagonal stripes and iconic graphics on hoodies.


MISBHV, a Polish brand, is known for its bold and daring designs. Their hoodies often feature edgy graphics and daring color palettes.

11. J.W. Anderson:

J.W. Anderson, led by Jonathan Anderson, offers a unique blend of classic and contemporary designs in their hoodies.

12. Needles:

Needles is a Japanese brand known for its reconstructed and upcycled fashion. Their hoodies often feature patchwork and bold prints.

13. Bode:

Bode is a brand that embraces sustainability and heritage. Their hoodies often incorporate vintage and upcycled materials, offering a unique and eco-conscious approach.

14. Eckhaus Latta:

Eckhaus Latta is known for its gender-fluid and avant-garde designs. Their hoodies often feature unconventional shapes and textiles.

15. Marine Serre:

Marine Serre combines high fashion with upcycled materials. Their hoodies often incorporate crescent moon motifs, a signature of the brand.

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