Maxcoil Mattress: A Comfortable and Affordable Bedding Solution

Maxcoil Mattress is a Singaporean brand that specializes in producing quality mattresses, bed frames and sofas. Maxcoil Mattress has been in the industry since 1987 and has gained a reputation for its innovative and customer-oriented products. Maxcoil Mattress offers a wide range of mattresses, from pocket spring, memory foam, latex, to cooling and eco-friendly fabrics. Maxcoil Mattress also provides customized solutions for individuals, families and hotel industries.


One of the most popular and unique products from Maxcoil Mattress is the Sleep on Air series, which features the innovative 3D mesh fabric that infuses great air ventilation for quick moisture evaporation and long-lasting freshness. The Sleep on Air series also has a multi-level layering system that provides ultimate relief for every pressure point. The Sleep on Air series is available in single, super single, queen and king sizeshttps.

Another product that showcases Maxcoil Mattress’s expertise in orthopaedic support is the SpineCare series, which uses chiropedic technology combined with pocket spring, memory foam and latex materials. The SpineCare series is designed to provide optimal spinal alignment and pressure relief for back and neck problems. The SpineCare series comes in various models, such as the SpineCare Tencel Tassel, the SpineCare Tencel Tansy, and the SpineCare Tencel Trillium


For those who prefer a traditional and durable mattress, Maxcoil Mattress offers the Heritage series, which uses the time-tested Individual Pocketed Spring System. The Heritage series features a new age mattress that provides cushioning and body alignment. The Heritage series has different models, such as the Heritage Comfort, the Heritage Plus, and the Heritage Supremehttps.

For those who are looking for a soft, breathable and environmentally friendly mattress, Maxcoil Mattress has the Eco Organic Cotton series, which uses organic cotton fabric, latex and memory foam. Organic cotton fabric is made from natural cotton and is skin-friendly and ideal for sensitive skin. The Eco Organic Cotton series has different models, such as the Eco Organic Cotton Madras, the Eco Organic Cotton Mysore, and the Eco Organic Cotton Nellorehttps.

For those who are looking for a cooling and anti-static mattress, Maxcoil Mattress has the Ice Sleep series, which uses Ice Sleep fabric, latex and memory foam. Ice Sleep fabric is a special fabric that has a cooling effect and reduces static electricity. The Ice Sleep series has different models, such as the Ice Sleep Polar, the Ice Sleep Stellar, and the Ice Sleep Aurorahttps.


For those who are looking for a luxurious and glamorous mattress, Maxcoil Mattress has the Luxury series, which is fully customized and designed to transform the bedroom into a high-end boudoir. The Luxury series uses premium materials and fabrics to create a bespoke piece of furniture. The Luxury series is coming soonhttps.


Maxcoil Mattress is a trusted and reputable brand that has been serving the Singaporean market for over 30 years. Maxcoil Mattress is committed to providing comfortable and affordable bedding solutions to its customers. Maxcoil Mattress has received many positive reviews and testimonials from its customers, who have enjoyed the benefits of its products. Fourstar Mattress also offers free delivery, installation and disposal of old mattresses for its customershttps,



Maxcoil Mattress is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a good night’s sleep. Maxcoil Mattress has a variety of mattresses to suit different needs and preferences. Maxcoil Mattress also has a team of friendly and professional staff who can assist customers with their enquiries and purchases. Maxcoil Mattress invites customers to visit its showrooms and try out its mattresses to feel the difference today.

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